Toshiba DVR/Tivo and an RCA RCU807 Universal Remote!

Discussion in 'DVD TiVo Units (Archive)' started by FortWorthPeg, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Jan 16, 2006
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    Hi All! I am very new to TiVo and the community! I am so glad you are all here, because I am less than expert at all of this!

    I purchased my unit, Toshiba RS-TX20 at Best Buy. It was a display unit, no box, no nothing. The only thing it had was a power cord. NO REMOTE either! I am fairly proud to say that I have the thing working to some extent. I found most of the cables I needed around the apartment. I understand I need an IR cable to help channel changing be more seamless, but otherwise the basics are in place. I plan to find one of those tomorrow.

    My basic issue at the moment:
    Having an unprogrammed, brand new universal remote, I was able to at least program it to get my Toshiba TiVo, Hughes Sat receiver and TV to turn off and on. At present, I have the remote programmed for the DVD button to control the DVR, which has been working pretty well. I have no original TiVo remote for the RCA remote to "learn" from, so I am finding there are functions that I am having problems with. :confused:
    I figured out how to play a DVD, but while it was playing, when I pushed the "stop" button on the remote the movie went to slomo. I don't know how to get back to the main DVD menu to choose from options such as features, scenes, play, etc.
    Before I ramble and put whoever is kind enough to read this far to sleep ;) Does anyone know of an existing thread or website that has assistance for my situation? Programming an RCA RCU807 Universal Learning Remote for use with my Toshiba TiVo? I don't know if it's a question to bug you all with or not, but I do know I want to master this TiVo thing so I definitely intend to spend some time getting to know everyone around here! :p :rolleyes: :)
    I had a DVR through my cable company a few years ago and LOVED IT!!!! Moved to an apartment after that time that allowed only DirectTV and since we share dishes, from what I understand it is very tough to hook up TiVo. Now with the Series 2, I am so thrilled to have it now and I so want to know what I am doing!
    Thanks for reading!!!!!
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    If you want to dvd commands you will need a another remote to learn from, but you don't need the original remote, for about $10 you get the Radio Shack 15-2142. Using setup VCR 0618, you can map these advanced code to unused keys:

    Top Menu-00043

    To map them to a key on the 2142:

    1. press VCR
    2. press and hold P for two blinks
    3. enter 9-9-4
    4. tap P for one blink
    5. enter 5 digit Advanced code
    6. pick a key

    Other tivo advanced codes are here, with the 2142, you will need to add two zeroes to the FRONT of each advanced code in that link.
  3. FortWorthPeg

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    Jan 16, 2006
    Fort Worth
    You are so awesome to reply... thanks for the help. Know what I did? I went and got the Harmony 659 and I am one happy girl! :eek: :D

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