Toshiba 3 TB drive has croaked

Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by A J Ricaud, Apr 20, 2020.

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    after almost 4 years. The Bolt kept having network connection problems for a couple of weeks as the first symptom. It was MoCA enabled, so it affected other devices downstream. After I rebooted it it went into an endless reboot loop. I tried the power supply from my other Bolt--same issue.

    I re-installed the original drive and it is working fine. I had to let it install and go through "guided setup" because I installed the Toshiba before even turning it on. Seems OK but I am getting the V312 error wherein the apps don't load. I have connected to the Tivo service and rebooted but no change yet. Will keep trying unless someone has a better solution.

    Now, for the main question. I bit the bullet and ordered a WD 3 TB Purple drive, Rosewill external enclosure and some cables, per the recommendations. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is it possible to clone the 2.5" drive to the new Purple drive so I don't have to go through guided setup again? Is that even advisable?

    That said, is there recommended cloning software? I have used Macrium Reflect and Acronis software to clone Windows drives. Will they work OK if cloning is feasible?
    Any other recommendations greatly appreciated.
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    There is indexing in the Bolt so if you fired it up with a second drive you loose the ability to access the first drive. Each time you fire it up with a different drive you get to start over...
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    You could use the mfscopy command in MFS Tools 3.x to copy & expand the original drive to the new 3TB drive. It should retain all your settings.
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    This reply is misleading. the reference to "the original drive" can ONLY apply to the drive that was active at the last shutdown of the Bolt in question, so it would be better to say that a user can copy the CURRENTLY WORKING drive and retain all settings+recordings.

    The most important issue for any user to understand is that once a Bolt boots successfully with a new drive, nothing from any previous drive can ever be accessed again.
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