Top American Restaurants: Bon Appetit Picks the Best

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    Hosted by Alton Brown

    Here is a breakdown article of the picks:

    I caught this last Saturday and it was a big topic of discussion at dinner Saturday night. I have never been to any place on the list although the burger place in Oklahoma is not too far maybe next time I make a trip up there I will go. Jaspers is in Plano and I think I could talk Brad and Smeek into going. Peter Lugers has been on my list when I go to NYC next time. I travel to San Antonio often for work so Taco Taco Cafe will get a visit.
  2. TAsunder

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    Aug 6, 2003
    Madison, WI
    the best ribs place is about 5 minutes from my hometown. my mom informed me of the pick and is fairly excited. i now have actual motivation to go down and visit her (as opposed to her coming up here, where we have the 48th best restaurant according to last year's bon appetit).

    bon appetit is dangerous. when i looked up the best restaurants overall, it only solidified my strong desire to visit alinea. i had previously wanted to for the weird presentation. apparently the food is genuinely good... ouch, says my bank account.
  3. jsmeeker

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    Jasper's is good, but it's older sibling, Abacus, is much better, IMHO.

    This episode is on my TiVo, but I have yet to wtach it.
  4. Magister

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    Oct 17, 2004
    Columbia, SC
    Why in the world would only Baby Back Ribs be considered for BBQ? Heck, those are wimpy. Gotta consider Country Style ribs. The big ones...

    Maurice's in Columbia SC has maybe the best in the nation.
  5. mrmike

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    May 2, 2001


    Anyone can make decent ribs. Good outside shoulder, now that's an art form.

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