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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by kenman, Aug 3, 2007.

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    Aug 3, 2007


    Well I just got Tivo series 3 a week ago and have had nothing but problems. Most all with Comcast, I had their hd-recorder which was garbage it never worked very well at all so I thought I would give Tivo series 3 a try. I called Comcast told them I was bringing their box back and I wanted get the cable cards from Comcast. The lady on the phone said to take the tivo box to Comcast and they would install them there. Wrong. when we got there they have to send someone to the house to install them. After I got home I noticed in my other box I no longer got all my channels only basic cable so I called comcast back The man told me that I did not get Encore or any of my old channels that I had been getting for about 5 years after a long argument he sent a signal to my cable box that did nothing he said there was a guy coming later for the tivo box and he would look at the old box to, Ok waited someone came and he did not know what a tivo was but he gave it a try with no luck of course he called for some help and found someone that would be there the next day. two people came and after two hours there got it to work. ok all is well I’m happy Until I call Comcast to see how much this will cost and got many different answers. Anyway they told me it would cost me 26.00 a month for the first card and 13 a month for the second card plus whatever package I want all and all about 150.00 dollars a month for cable with only one box That does not get HD for the bed room and 2 tivo cards NO HBO OR Showtime channels. I think I will just box it backup and do without
    Recording Cost way to much.
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    Whoever quoted those prices was confused.

    Comcast Digital Basic costs $50-$60/mo, depending on area. That includes the cost of one CableCard. The second CableCard should run you about $1.75/mo. Once Tivo updates the Series3 software with MCARD support, you won't need two CableCards anymore.

    [All Comcast has now is MCARDs in many service areas.]

    Call Comcast and tell them you want the cheapest Digital Classic package with two CableCards and no STBs or DVRs.
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    Jan 13, 2007

    Comcast's allows you to breakdown a bit more than listed by BKDTV:

    1. basic cable (locals including HD + gov't channels) - $13-$15
    2. extended basic (most comon nat'l channels - e.g., tnt, A&E) - $30
    3. Comcast Digital (numerous digital filler channels + 5-10 HD channels) - $11.99-$15.99.

    You do not need to subscribe to extended basic, so you can get (1) plus (3) above for around $30, but will not get some of the common nat'l channels that are not broadcast in HD.

    In any case, the CSR greatly mis-quoted price per cablecard. Prices should be around $1.75, as noted by BKDTV.
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    Jul 31, 2007
    IMO, tivo is a luxury. If you are worried about spending the $$$, is it worth the stress and second guessing? To me, it's easily worth it.

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