To those that have amps on their OTA antennas:

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    Do you have a UPS on your amp/preamp? I was just thinking about this today because someone is coming out within a week to move the DB8 up on the roof since the attic has too much signal blocked for reliable channels on 2 of 6 that I want.

    Then I got to thinking, If the power goes out, all my electronics except for the antenna are on a ups! So if i'm recording OTA, i'm SOL. I may even have to buy a smaller ups and stick it in the attic...but then again, are they meant for unheated attics? I doubt it. This poses a problem for me now because I dont know how things will be wired after the install.

    Therefore, I was going to just have him do a barrel connection where the antenna drops to the ground because in the future I'll be very likely drilling thru my crawlspace (or wire somehow thru my attic) instead of putting the wire around the entire house outside/in breezeway (where no ups is now anyways). But a real pain to do that in winter. (long story)
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    Pre-amps are usually split into two pieces.

    The amp is located at the antenna.

    The power source is located inside.

    A very short cable is run from the antenna to the pre-amp. Then a cable is run from the pre-amp inside to the power source. A final cable is run from the power source to the item that needs the antenna input.

    The power source will be located with your HD-Tivo. Plug it into the same UPS.
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    Aug 18, 2002
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    turns out the antenna guys preamp was worse than my uhf/vhf amp from home depot. So I'll have to find a long term solution once spring comes and i can go in my crawlspace again. I'll have to see how the amp performs right in back of tivo to see if i can UPS it right there.

    otherwise, more hold drilling in the
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    Jan 16, 2003
    I have the amp on a UPS, as mentioned the power supply is downstairs next to the TiVo, on the same UPS, the power goes up the coax.

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