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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by wpatters1229, Jul 22, 2020.

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    I have two Roamio units. One is fine but the other one has to be announced showing in place of content in the channel guide. As a result I can not schedule items to record. This is happening on several channels but not all. How to correct this? I have read that you have to reset and clear everything on the Tivo which removes the onepass data and the todo list. Is there another way to fix this?
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    If you do Clear and delete Everything, then everything gets deleted.

    Suggest you do not even do Clear Program Info & To do list. A bug in it will lock up the Tivo.
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    There's been several threads of TiVo's not getting the Program Guide Data.

    One of them was cured by changing the TiVo's IP Address, of all things.

    There's also been several threads of TiVo's being bricked by doing a CPI&TDL. I'd recommend avoiding that for sure. I'd be hesitant to even do a C&DE...

    Have you Backed up your Settings with KMTTG? Now seems like a good time.

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    This is a duplicate thread. The OP fixed the problem with a Guided Setup.
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    I have a Roamio and am in the same boat as the OP (guide showing "to be announced" for all channels).
    I had to use KS 57 to undo the soft bricking caused by bug (I late found out about) in CPI&TDL.

    Regarding other solutions:
    Any new solutions since the post above?
    Does 'repeat guided setup' remove cable card pairing and require a call to Cable provider / TiVo support to pair the Cable M-Card again?

    The guide data came back by itself (about an hour or so after kickstart 57 completed).
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