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    I have not downloaded anything on my Series 3 with Tivotogo since May. With the new season I have recorded two shows so far, both in standard. One was an hour show, the other a half hour. The entire show is on the tivo, but when I try to transfer them, I only get about half the show. I have tried three times with each show, and everytime they stop downloading at the same spot. Space on my laptop is not an issue. I have not had this problem in the past.
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    If the shows stop downloading at the same spot, that is indicative of data corruption that the transfer process can't cope with.
    To verify...
    On your computer, use your usual video player to watch the show to see where the transfer stopped.
    On the Tivo, find that spot in the show and see if there is severe pixellation or a signal dropout. If there is a 'glitch' at that point, you've found the problem.
    If this is your problem, there is a workaround if you have another Tivo and can MRV.
    The solution is to pause the show past the glitch, use MRV to transfer the show to another Tivo from the paused point, transfer that portion to your computer, and then use editing software to 'join' the two files.

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