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    Apr 14, 2015


    Yep both stopped downloading data on the same day. First off some things happened to make it tricky to figure out what is going on.

    1. Tivo launched the replacement of their season pass manager with something new. To be fair the "succeeded" under downloads was OK for earlier the same day of the failure.

    2. My router decided to warn me the firmware was due for upgrade.
    Asus RT-AC87u
    3. Can not see either Tivo on my LAN yet everything else is functioning meaning PCs MACs and assorted wireless tablets.

    Now after resetting every item on my network, router, modem, Tivos and computers with no sight of the tivos on my network I moved on to the last thing I could think of the Firewall.

    Searched for the definitive Firewall settings required by Tivo and to my surprise this was not as easy as first thought. Also I was told if UP &P should eliminate the need for any setting as far as the firewall was concerned.
    This is what I set the it up for:
    homeip.netport 8080 - wan [router] lan - 80 [tivo 1]
    homeip.netport 8443 - wan [router] lan - 443 [tivo 1]
    homeip.netport 9080 - wan [router] lan - 80 [tivo 2]
    homeip.netport 9443 - wan [router] lan - 443 [tivo 2]

    Not sure what all the above means so my entries could have been misconstrued.

    So as a test I turned off the firewall on my router (Asus RT-AC87u) to eliminate this part of the problem meaning now all ports should be readily available but that did not fix the problem.

    I am using Advanced IP Scanner to check the presence of the Tivos as well as going to them physically and attempting to setup correctly.

    Finally this was all functioning up until yesterday.


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