TiVo's Contract with GraceNote (TMS) ends May 14th

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    I don't think there's any way TiVo and Rovi finalize an acquisition before then and make the necessary changes to the database to allow for seamless transition to Rovi's data. So basically there's no option for TiVo other than renewing their contract with Gracenote. Depending on the terms of the contract, it may not be possible for TiVo to renew for a term shorter than four years.
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    TiVo moving or not moving to Rovi or extending their contract with Gracenote for guide data has nothing to do with the rumored acquisition of TiVo by Rovi. They are exclusive deals independent of each other.

    If TiVo is moving from Gracenote to Rovi for guide data, this would have been in the works for a while so that the transition would be as smooth as possible for all concerned. Typically a change is due to the outsider, Rovi, has provided an acceptable level of data to TiVo at a lower cost than Gracenote. If the company (TiVo) is run properly then the transition cost would have also factored in and made sense from an engineering standpoint as well as a financial one.

    When FiOS transitioned from FYI to Gracenote (back then it was TMS) there were a few hiccups mostly relating to recording sports. If you have FiOS you will notice many recurring sporting events like Hockey, Basketball, Baseball... have an air date marker at the end of the description so the DVR recording logic knows they are unique or repeats once recorded. Since the transition other logic has been written into the FiOS DVR's to assist with recording and stopping duplicate recordings that re-air. FiOS made the switch from FYI to Gracenote mostly due to the Gracenote deal has saved Verizon a boat load of money by switching. Yes FYI provided poor data so there were customer complaints. But the savings in switching to Gracenote was the key factor. So it made financial sense and the few issues were worked out by the engineers over a relatively short period of time.

    Based on my comparison from Rovi and Gracenote the data does not look all that different. I'm sure whatever direction TiVo has decided, the engineers are fully aware of the major challenges in switching guide providers. Of course there will always be something overlooked. But hopefully with due diligence those issues will be minor and easy to correct. And TiVo, the company, wants to make sure any transition has little impact on the consumers, if possible.
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    Nov 9, 2002
    Couldn't TiVo still tune to a channel even if it wasn't in the guide?
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    It does depend on the TiVo model, but if your TV can tune it, a TiVo should also. It just won't be pretty without a guide. Worst case is loss of the clock. Then you have a brick. I don't anticipate that happening.
  5. PlanetJones

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    Mar 12, 2016


    Assuming that the company stays around. If they go under, you have nothing....
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    according to this http://www.tvguide.com/pages/staff/ the tvguide listings website looks like cbs runs it now.
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    It may look ok on the surface, but the data required for accurate recordings and searches is not so good (new/rerun flags, season/episode numbers, thumbnails, genres, ratings, etc.). Also many local lineups are missing compared to Zap2it, as we found on WMC. Many users have had to manually create their own channel maps, which isn't possible with Tivo AFAIK.

    I really do hope Rovi surprises me because I don't want to give up Tivo either. I spent a lot of money to leave Rovi and switch to Tivo. I don't want them to fail. I just have no reason to believe they'll succeed.

    As far as where to find Rovi listings online now, I have no idea. They used to be on MSN.com, but that was shut down a few weeks ago. I'm not sure how CBS Interactive is related to Rovi now, if at all.
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    It would be nice if TiVo would do a software update that allows you to manually set the clock.
  9. Series3Sub

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    Mar 14, 2010
    Not making sense. Further, logos are not necessarily related to the metadata provider. That would be TiVo, Dish, and others responsibility related to EPG design that may be propriatary via Box maker or box maker pays license fees for EPG.
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    And TiVo would use this to further cripple legacy TiVo's to force people to upgrade, at a pretty big cost, to the current TiVo's. TiVo has been using the death by a thousand cuts for its S1-S3 ever so slowly taking away features, even accessing on-line, a totally unnecessary move to take away on-line features of the S3's.
  11. Series3Sub

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    Oh yes, look how seamless the transition was for WMC. While it can be done, it can be at great cost to the reliability of the Metadata and EPG info. The point is correct that it is far more complicated than any absoluteidiot and others would think. The changover would be closer to a mess than one would think. However, if Rovi does by TiVo, Gracenot will NOT be used and we will have to suffer the change to Rovi metadata and EPG.
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    That makes no sense.

    I'm not the one claiming absolute certainty. You are.
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  13. Series3Sub

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    Your analogy is apples to oranges.
  14. trip1eX

    trip1eX imo, afaik, feels like to me, *exceptions, ~aprox

    Apr 2, 2005
    But you don't get it, a few people have a specific problem with Rovi guide data so it's bad for everyone!!!!!!!!

    YOu've been warned. :D

    And remember no one ever has a problem with Tivo or its guide data.

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    FWIW, KCET has NOT been a PBS member station for several years. KCET carries NONE of the PBS content.
  16. Series3Sub

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    Mar 14, 2010
    Well, somehow I think that by the time of the agreement TiVo has with Gracenote ends, Rovi will announce it is shuttering the retail and DVR business. So, we won't have to worry about any such nightmare transition from Gracenote to Rovi because Rovi will not be in the DVR business. Rovi will do a Sony and Sezmi on us.
  17. rainwater

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    TiVo doesn't get channel logos from Gracenote. They provide the logos themselves. For some reason the process of updating them seems to take years. I'm not sure if missing/inaccurate logos on TiVos is a business decision or lack of resources problem. I doubt switching to Rovi would make a bit of difference in that regard.
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    In six weeks?
  19. tampa8

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    Depends on how you mean that. They may not carry PBS created programming they DO carry some of the same content however. (Several shows) So I'm not sure what your point is about their guide data not being complete and not actually being a PBS outlet.
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    Apr 16, 2012
    Someone mentioned up thread that GraceNote powers TiVo's OTT metadata content as well. 30 for 30 (among others) has been missing from OnePass (at least for Netflix availability) for about 6 months. I reported this to TiVo twice - nothing has been done.

    Could the root cause be on GraceNote's end? Or is this definitely a TiVo problem?

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