TiVo's Contract with GraceNote (TMS) ends May 14th

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    My TV Guide also stops in the middle of 9/11.
    It was at 9/10 for last 2 days.
    My new notice from TiVo is that TV guide will be updated next 24 hours.
    The new TV guide data will takes 2 to 3 hours to download.

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    For the last week+, I have not been able to log into my tivo.com account except by resetting the password. I get the temporary password and use that to set a new password. At that point, I am logged into tivo.com. Then about a half an hour later, that new password no longer works.

    I submitted the issue to tivo support. As an experiment they tried resetting the password from their end. But that didn't work.

    The email tivo support send me notifying me what they intended to do is one way. I can't respond to it. The only way to respond to tell them that their experiment didn't work is to reset my password again so I can log in. Or call. But I'm a little afraid to try the support line since it must be totally overwhelmed.

    I wish I knew if this is a known problem to tivo that they are working on or if it's somehow unique to me. With all the people having trouble with Tivo Desktop being unable to link to their account I can't help but think that it's one giant problem. But I haven't read about any of those people not being able to log into their tivo.com account. In fact I've read that many can log into tivo.com. So that brings me right back to it's a problem with my account so there's no point just being patient.
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    Probably related to whatever they fracked up that has killed pushes.

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