TivoHD support QAM?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by archer75, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Does the TivoHD support QAM? I don't subscribe to cable TV but I do have cable internet. I have found that if I put a splitter on that cable line and run one to my HTPC with a HDhomerun tuner that I can pull in several QAM channels. I'm not talking scrambled/encrypted premium channels. Just the free and clear channels they have such as HD locals amongst a few others.

    So i'm just curious if the TivoHD supports that as well? It seems it does from what i've read but may require a cable card for guide data? The last thread I read on this was a year old so maybe things have changed.
  2. dianebrat

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    While an HD Tivo of either the S3 or Tivo HD family can indeed receive QAM channels with their tuners over cable with a scan of the cable signal, there's not guide data available to them.

    There are a couple huge threads on this in the forum, and a key phrase is "clear QAM"
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    If you have cable internet, you likely have free "basic cable". (In many cases, they charge EXTRA to not have cable.)

    So you may be able to get (pay for) cable card rental to get the guide data. If not, you may be able to "trick" them by subscribing to digital cable for a month (or less), then keeping (and continuing to pay for) the cable cards.

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