TivoHD & Series3 MRV/TTG/TTCB: FAQ + Discussion

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by bkdtv, Oct 26, 2007.

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    I think you're confusing it with tivoserver.
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    This is the possibly the most informative thread I have ever seen on the internet. Thank you.
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    It sounds like you haven't seen this thread, stickied to the top of the forum:

    TivoHD FAQ: Overview, Using TiVo, Tips, and Issues

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    My local Fox HD channel comes in as 720p. I download it with Tivo Transfer and import it to Toast Titanium for editing on my iMac as a Blu-ray Video. When toast receives the file is become a larger file and and takes three times or more longer to multiplex as compared to NBC (1080i), CBS (1080i), and ABC (720P) programs. Whats the problem?
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    I expect this is a FAQ but I can't find it. Tivo Desktop Plus on Win7 machine produced a number of *.tivo files that I'd like to keep and run on my new Mac. It seems that iTivo will only process files from the Tivo - I have an HD - and not preexisting files. I tried using the share function in TDP to get them back on the box and from there, my hope was, to the Mac, but for reasons unknown, that doesn't seem to be happening - that is, the folder that's queued in TDP to send back to the box is not being seen, or the files aren't being fetched, or something.

    I'm getting on a plane tomorrow morning and had hoped to watch a couple of these movies on the plane but I've pretty much run out of time. Still, if there is a solution to this, I'd appreciate a pointer. A couple of older programs sound like they would strip the wrapper to that I can watch them but either they're obsolete, apparently, or have disappeared.

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    You can find a lot more information in the Home Media forum, which is the more appropriate place to discuss these issues. But even in that forum, there's no overarching FAQ. You must read a number of threads to gather the information you will need.

    There are multiple ways to process .tivo files. E.g. there is a standalone program called tivodecode that can simply remove the encryption. One easy way to get tivodecode is to download kmttg, which is discussed extensively in the other forum. Kmttg includes and uses tivodecode, but also does a whole lot more. Once decrypted, you can use e.g. handbrake to transcode to H.264 format that's smaller and more conducive to storing on a laptop for watching on a plane. You can then double-click on the resulting file and iTunes will import it. Or you could just use VLC as a viewer. I personally use the kmttg -> tivodecode -> handbrake -> VLC workflow to get files to my Mac for viewing.

    Or you can use videoredo, another program that's frequently discussed. It costs money, but will decrypt and also transcode.

    Or you could just use tivodecode to decrypt, then use VLC to watch the MPEG-2 without transcoding.

    Many many ways to solve your problem.

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