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    It's been a good four years since I've had a TiVo digital video recorder in the house. My first was attached to a DirecTV satellite dish and in the early days of the 21st century, was quite cool - tons o' channels and a great picture.. But TiVo is well on the way to becoming a generic term for digital video recording, for the time shifting many of us do with TV. Did you TiVo that? "I need to TiVo 'Hannah Montana' for my sister..:D
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    I see everyone talking about using the IR blasters with FIOS and the S2 Tivos. I'm assuming from reading this thread that is my only option. Before I convert I have a question. Can anyone who set it up using this method watch regular TV and tape something via TIVO at the same time?

    My husband currently has it set up that way right now through Comcast using a splitter but he doesn't think he can do that with FIOS and that would be a big problem in our house with the way we watch TV.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Sep 5, 2000
    Looking at moving to FIOS, I've got a series two. Same question as the one above this post, do I have to use an IR repeater with FIOS?
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    I just had FIOS TV installed. Our Series 3 was easy to set up with the two CableCards. For our Series 2 (Single Tuner), we had to use the IR blasters to control the Motorola DCT-700 cable box. There is a lag, but it works a little faster than the Pace cable boxes we had through Comcast.

    Since our FIOS is all digital, we can no longer watch one show through the TV's tuner and record a second through the Tivo's tuner, thankfully we have the two tuners in the Series 3.

    As far as four-digit channel tuning, if you repeat "Guided Setup", it should ask you if you want to use 3-digit or 4-digit channels. I don't plan on watching any of the channels in the 4-digit range so I'm going to rerun Guided Setup and tell it to use the 3-digit setup. That will speed up the channel changing a bit.
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    If you change it to 3-digit tuning, I'm pretty sure that will slow it down, not speed it up. The DCT700 will just sit there waiting for the fourth digit (or an Enter code, neither of which is coming), until it times out.

    But what I did, recently, was to go into Settings -> Channels -> Channel Changing (no need to redo Guided Setup), Advanced Setup, turn on "'Enter' button", and set "Channel Digits" to 1 (i.e., no leading zeros). This means no change for 3- and 4-digit channels (and 4-digit channels remain accessible), but only 3 codes are sent for 2-digit channels, and only 2 codes for single-digit channels. It's a huge speedup for the low-numbered channels.
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    Sep 18, 2007

    I'll give that a try. Anything to reduce the lag is a good thing.


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