Tivo will not honor grandfather Tivo transfer to Roamio

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    It sounds to me like enofile has a lifetime box which has not called in. If he was getting MSD on his non-lifetime boxes, and the lifetime box has not called in, he would no longer get MSD on his non-lifetime boxes (though he may be eligible for the $99 lifetime on one of his other boxes)
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    MSD is predicated on a qualifying box that you paid full service price for.

    According to the MSD discount FAQ's the qualifying lifetime box needs to have called home in the last 180 days.

    So, if that is true. The lifetime service on the box has not expired, just it's eligibility as the original MSD unit. I would think that he should be able to hook it back up and force a call - if he still has the TiVo.

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    Any TiVos you purchased,with or without a subscription of any kind to the TiVo service*, after your wife purchased that Series 1 (the only model available in 2000) would have no effect whatsoever on Product Lifetime Service which had been purchased for that Series 1, if PLS had been purchased for it.

    Now, if PLS was purchased for that S1 prior to Jan 20, 2000 and then subsequently that PLS was moved to a different TiVo, and then eventually that different TiVo died, then that particular Product Lifetime Service subscription died with it.

    Also, if PLS was purchased on or before Jan 20, 2000, it would have been eligible to be moved to another TiVo, but only once. It could not be moved from that second TiVo to a third one.

    * (which is basically two things:

    1. A license to use the software they wrote


    2. The program guide information)

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