Tivo Warranty options change?

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    I don't think so. I belive what it does is the dongle (whick would include MORE hardware in the dongle than in the demonstration) still demod the analog RF channels as it does today with ATSC 1.0 and will also be the case with ATSC 3.0 (using the same 6MHz bandwidth per channel). The difference between ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 is that 3.0 is IP. So, you can use a chip that decodes--not just MPEG2--but is capable of decoding the IP stream, now you just pass the IP stream to a device that knows what to do with IP streams. Series 3 and later TiVo's are capable of handling IP streams, but the chipsets and other hardware and the hardware versions are more capable in later TiVo's. So, at least the Roamio and later Series TiVo's can handled the IP from a USB port domonstartion on the TiVo and lay it down on the HDD the same way it lays down MPEG2 from an OTA channel (or how it used to lay down IP via the old IP Downloads [not real-time streams] from various sites like YouTube, Amazon, and TwitTV going back to the Series 3 all recorded to the HDD awaiting your playback).

    Essentially, the TiVo would behave much like other IP capable device such as Roku, Fire TV's and like connected devices, except those device were designed as powerful IP devices with all the necessary hardware, while the late series TiVo's require a bit of hardware on the outside and software tweeks then stream the IP into the TiVo which can handle IP in that manner for an experience just like MPEG. A lot of this is chip and/or chipset dependant because some chipsets are LOCKED into an ATSC as MPEG2 (a few HDTV models have been manufactured capable of decoding both MEPG2 and MPEG4) and can't handle IP via ATSC, if that makes sense. So, you have to use an EXTERNAL device to bypass that process and stream ATSC 3.0 as its native IP. Of course, the TiVo already processes IP to output for your HDMI or NTSC outputs for your HDTV display, and the same is true for connected devices like Roku and Fire TV to be viewed on your HDTV.

    The same situation and process is similar as to why headless ATSC 1.0 tuners like Tablo, HomeRun, and Amazon Recast TV MUST RE-ENCODE the MPEG2 ATSC 1.0 into IP becasue all those product's playback devices can handle IP ONLY while precessing to output via HDMI for your TV display. Those devices were desinged to do that from the inception of the device, so everything to make it work is all inside the boxes they sell.

    This is similar to how Dish ViP and Hoppers can handle IP as well as DBS MPEG streams. Dish boxes also can receive downloads in IP via satellite. I don't know if the Hopper 3 is capable of IP linier TV via satellite or if those servcies are via home internet ISP only.

    Best possible clumbsy explaination my limited mentality is cabpable of producing

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