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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by doctord, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Dec 17, 2004
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    It's an interesting read There is a bit of an "apples to oranges" comparison between the iPod and the TiVo, but many of the points were valid. My FiOS DVR has better than 90% of the functionality of my TiVo HD that I use, and it does stream to other FiOS STBs in the house.

    You have to wonder how much longer can TiVo survive, when the subscription rate keeps dropping. While winning patent lawsuites will provide much needed funding, it's hardly a vehicle for continued financial growth.
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    And based on the complaints from my neighbors it sounds like the FiOS DVRs also only record 90% of what they are supposed to.

    Multiple neighbors are regularly missing shows. I tell them to get a TiVo but they won't spend the money. I can count on one hand the number of shows I've missed with my TiVos over the last ten years.
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    I think the reason is fairly simple. Apple showed innovation. I've owned maybe 4 ipods in my time, and each one has been better, smaller, and done more things than the previous generation. I'm continued to be amazed at the miniaturization of the technology, the battery life, and the functionality.

    I consider my Ipod touch to be "the most gadget I've ever purchased for the money".

    Tivo, on the other hand, has pretty much just coasted for the last decade. Product updates have been marginal, sort of the minimum amount of work to stay even with the competition. Bug remain unfixed. The flagship product over a year since release, still does not have a completed HDUI. The only reason why people buy Tivo is because the competition is (somewhat amazingly) perceived to be even worse.
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    That was an interesting article - thanks for linking it!

    I think you've hit the nail on the head: Tivo has just coasted and now has lost almost all interest in updating or fixing or finishing their products, whereas Apple has always been innovative and attentive with their products.

    Standing behind your product says a lot; that's something Tivo has lost sight of.
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    In my humble opinion the iPod also succeeded because they kept it simple and focused. Some MP3 players had more and better features and even better pricing, but Apple made a simple elegant product that did one thing very well.

    Right now Tivo appeals to me as an AV enthusiast, but the simplicity and reliability leave a lot to be deisred for the mainstream user.

    I realize Tivo is saddled with cable cards which is beyond their control, but if my Tivo HD had never rebooted or caused me to have to take its drive out and do surgery on it I would have been way more likely to push it to all my friends and family. The premieres have been better for me(really!) but I still think simplicity and reliability will win out over g whiz features, especially if they are not best of breed. (netflix implementation etc.)

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