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  1. EpcH

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    Oct 5, 2009


    Hi Guys,

    I have media server PC that hosts and delivers HD content to my living room. My problem is when I transfer .tivo files to my PC from my tivo hd, I need to convert them to .mkv with ac3 dolby, so that I can watch them through my entertainment system in my living room.

    I tried videoredo, it looks fine but does not do any conversion, all I can get is the mpeg file. What I liked is the cut commercial feature.

    So my question is that there exists a software which can:

    1) Cut commercials on a .tivo file.
    2) Can convert a .tivo file to .mkv.
    3) Has ability to preserve original audio or can convert the audio
    to AC3 6 channels.
  2. Playloud

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    Jan 6, 2008
    Don't know if there is a better way, but here is how I did it.

    1) Use VideoReDo to cut out commericials (save as mpg).
    2) Use MeGUI to convert to x264 .mkv (can be set to keep the original audio track).

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