tivo-to-go file size to treo 700p

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    ok, so I am thinking about buying plus so I can watch tivo on my phone. Since the treo only will take a 2gb card (or is it 4gb), was wondering if anyone can tell me the sizes of the TTG files for portable devices. Is it the same - smaller, bigger?
    anyone, buller?....
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    For the 700p, a 4GB card will work. (For the 650, the limit is 2GB unless you install a FAT32 driver.) I don't know file sizes, but the files will be MPEG4, I think, not to mention reduced pixel count, so you should be able to get quite a few hours out of a 4GB card.

    I expect it to be similar to iPod video files, which are often MPEG4. Looking at some files I have, a 1hr8m "This Week in Tech" MPEG4 video is 151MB. You can extrapolate from there.
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    183,639 KB for a 1/2 hr medium program, 365,063 KB for a 1 Hr medium program, for iPod compatible AVC H.264.

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