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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by dlbibb, Oct 5, 2011.

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    I purchased a Tivo Premiere about 3 weeks ago and everything has been running great……until yesterday. Turned the tv on after work to find the Tivo in a restart screen (“just a few more minutes”). First thought was that it must have run a system update or something and was finishing up but after it began to repeat the reboot process I knew something was wrong. The Tivo is stuck in a reboot loop. It will show the “Welcome screen” for 5 minutes or so, switch to the “Just a Few Minutes More screen” for 20 minutes or so and then atomatically reboot to the Welcome screen again. I cannot get to any Tivo menus. It is stuck in a loop. I’ve unplugged it and waited a minute or so before plugging it back in but that didn’t change things. I unplugged it, removed the cable card and plugged it back in but still no change. I even tried unplugging the Ethernet cable but still, no change, still stuck in the reboot loop. I thought I’d post here and see if anybody had any answers before contacting Tivo. Thanks.
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    If it's getting to the second screen it's reading that of off the hard drive, so the hard drive is physically working, so I'm guessing corrupted software.

    Perhaps it downloaded an OS update and something went wrong in the installation of it.

    Maybe the kickstart that switches to the alternate partitions is called for.

    Since this thing is only 3 weeks old, contact TiVo support for authorized and approved methods of dealing with the situation.

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