TiVo Streaming vs. other "Devices?"

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    We also use the apps on our Roamio Pro for streaming from Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu.

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    May 2, 2015
    Yes, I've researched it and also seen it with my own eyes. The best possible HD picture quality you can get for HBO (as well as Showtime) is if you subscribe to it via either Amazon Prime Channels (Prime Video app) or Apple TV Channels (Apple TV app).
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    Well, first of all, I NEVER consider adding a new subscription just to see a particular program - I would rather never see a program than add another unwanted subscription that I have to continue paying for! In particular, CBS ALL-Ripoff seems to be one of the worst of this growing pool of slime.

    But on to the real point of this thread - I PREFER to use my TiVo Bolt to stream Amazon Prime. Not because it is better in any way (my Samsung TV Amazon app is much better), but because having the same remote and using the same buttons for trick play provides a much better user experience. And that is enough for me to continue using the TiVo app over a better app on a different device.
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    I love that I do not need a streaming device other than the Roamio/OTA. With Netflix, Prime, and Plex, I have all the content I need.

    I do, however, have 4K FTV Sticks on all my televisions. Though seldom used, at $25, I could not resist. With a Recast in the house, The Stick brings OTA and streaming to televisions far from network or coax.

    A couple of my TVs have Roku built in. I rarely use the Roku functionality, but I love the PSIP guide and trick play of those sets.

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