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Tivo stream on different subnet than iPad

Discussion in 'TiVo Stream' started by Ocresident, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Ocresident

    Ocresident New Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Is there any way to have an iPad on a 192.168.86.X subnet stream a show from a Tivo on a 192.168.1.X subnet without having the restrictions associated with out of home streaming? From what I can observe, I lose the following functionality when out of home:

    1) No ability to use the remote control on the app
    2) Slower download transfer speeds due to internet overhead
    3) Some content will only let me watch on my iPad if I download completely first and then delete the show off the Tivo.

    Ideally I would like to have all of my wireless devices on Google Wifi using 192.168.86.X and the Tivos and stream on 192.168.1.X with Frontier FiOS. Is it possible to either set up a static route or do something with port forwarding such that I can get the iPad to think it's really on my home network even though it has a different subnet? They are physically connected over the same wire, but the different subnet is treated as if it's a completely different network.
  2. ericdkirk

    ericdkirk New Member

    Oct 9, 2014
    I guess you could try expanding the subnet mask to but if you are running thought 2 different routers it might still hate you. Your best bet is dissabling DHCP on the box (assuming the box is feeding it) and having it just be a wifi point with no NAT, but that could be difficult if you are not router savy.
  3. Ocresident

    Ocresident New Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Thanks for the reply. I was able to solve the problem by having Frontier reprovision my ONT from coax to Cat 5, so that I could remove the Frontier router from the network and get everything back into one subnet.
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  4. AnnapolisGuy

    AnnapolisGuy New Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    If you have any details on what they told you to do that would be fantastic. I’m running the same thing GW on one subnet, Fios on the other. Noticed the Tivo issues you described last night. I can live with this by simply switching to the Fios WiFi if needed, but going to GW 100% would be optimum. Thanks.

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