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Discussion in 'TiVo Stream 4K' started by Jim1348, Jul 29, 2020.

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    I have Fire TV not the Fire Stick which is supposed to be faster. I am not sure what could be faster, I can move around and select stuff as fast as I can click. As far as stability, it seems once or twice a month I need to reboot it so I can load Netflix.

    My only complaint is the interface is not as clean as I would like. Amazon apparently makes a lot of money pushing certain streaming channels and tv shows so that it jumbles up the interface, organizing series, movies, apps, and streaming services are all over the place in the home menu. I do like that it is very customization and will run all the streaming services (white and black hat) if you know how to side-load the APK files for the apps to it.

    What caught my attention about TS4K is that is supposed to have a nice clean well organized guide and it also runs Android so when there are apps being blocked there is still a way to get them, unlike Roku.
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    May 15, 2020
    Roku is literally the worst. Closed ecosystems tend to benefit the owner of the ecosystem and not the consumer. By design, Roku has the ability to harvest data from any app, which is part of why their app selection is so poor. Their products exists for the sole purpose of data mining and advertising.

    Of course Google mines data, too, but the user has far more control over what can and cannot be accessed by the app, and Google doesn't pull as much data as Roku does. And at least Amazon's advertising is (generally) limited to Amazon products. Roku will sell out to anyone.
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    I / we are getting way off topic but...

    I don't really care if Roku sells information about what we watch as long as they do a good job with streaming. Amazon Fire seems way more aggressive in promoting shows and networks to me.

    I just added Reelgood to my Fire TV last night after reading about it in this thread last night. It looks very promising and cuts through the Fire TV interface promoted stuff. Of course the first show I tried to load via the Reelgood interface, Perry Mason on HBO max, gave me the error that the device does not support HBO Max - which I sideloaded. So I had to exit Realgood and load the App from the Amazon Fire normally.

    BTW - Perry Mason looks promising. He is not our parents and grandparents Perry Mason!
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    I aslo have hbo max sideloaded on my firetv, for me opening hbo max through reelgood works as long as the show/movie is from hbo now. I've been wanting to start Perry Mason, I might just start it today!
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    Just installed my Tivo Stream 4k .. works fine .. got it at Amazon for $49.99 and free shipping with Prime .. another situation where Amazon is priced lower than the maker. This is our first experience using a "dongle" type thingy to do the streaming. Previously we relied on our Tivo units but it seems like if we want to have HBO/MAX or Disney + , this is the road forward. So far, so good.
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    Jan 3, 2015
  7. foghorn2

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