Tivo Series 3 - Bad capacitors in power supply

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    My TiVo HD went into a boot loop, rebooting from the "Welcome!" screen. I couldn't get to the kickstart screen, so I tested the hard drive in a PC and it was fine. I had replaced every capacitor in another TiVo HD with no success so I was skeptical of fixing this one.

    This power supply had two bulging capacitors (2200uF at 6V). The voltages were all good, but since swollen or leaking capacitors are always bad, I replaced both with 2200uF 35V parts I had on hand. The TiVo works now.

    There are three positions on the PC board for these capacitors. The manufacturer had used the two closest together. I used the two furthest apart because the 35V capacitors are larger in diameter.

    Before the repair, the power supply DC voltages tested good with a DMM, with no measurable AC component. After the repair, there was no change in the measured DC voltages. I can speculate that the bad capacitors allow enough high-frequency ripple on the DC line to distort the data, but I did not test with a 'scope to find out before changing the parts.
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    I found a Digi-Key Cap Kit that I bought 8 years ago and never got around to using it. I have since recycled the old TiVo. If anyone needs the kit, I will mail it to you for the price of shipping. Maybe like $3. PM if interested.

    EDIT: User Wil took me up on the offer. Enjoy Wil.
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    Recently, when turning on my Tivo it will be at the start up screen or a grays screen and frozen. I have to unplug and plug back in and it will work. So it is having some type of power issue and won't fully start back up until it's unplugged. When it's on, it works fine until it freezes again. I looked at the caps and they still look flat and clean on top IMG_9477.jpg IMG_9478.jpg IMG_9479.jpg (pretty sure they are original). Should I replace the caps even though they look good? Or do the symptoms I described lead toward trying something else first?
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    If the capacitors are original; yes replace all electrolytic caps on the list.

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