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    I don't know how many people were chosen to receive the survey, but I was glad I did it. I have posted many suggestions and comments here on TCF and on the TiVo website and made many TiVo Suggestions ... and perhaps that's why they chose me.
    There was a section where you were to write about your feelings about TiVo and the new experience and here's basically what I wrote:

    1) It would be better if all programs in My Shows had the option of going into a user-generated folder as you do with WishList. All folders should be shared for WishLists, Onepasses and single recordings, as an option.
    2) In The Encore UI, you could sort the Guide by channel name. That feature was taken away from the Hydra New Experience, as well as many others. You should never have come out with new software unless every previous feature was still intact.
    3) The only reason I haven't gone to the Encore software, which I would prefer, is because I like using the Vox microphone. The 3-D look and the yellow on blue text of The Encore software is far superior. I absolutely hate the flatness of the screens, the gray screen colors, the guide that is ugly, and the Suggestions and other pictures that scroll left or right are much too large and intrusive.
    3) Wish lists should include, optionally, what channel the program is on.
    4) Onepasses should add options to the new, new & reruns and everything choice... Weekly, Mon-Fri, Tue-Sat (for shows after midnight), & Daily. We shouldn't have to make manual recordings to select this for a Onepass. In fact when I select a recording to make from the Guide, one of the choices should be: "Make a manual recording."
    4) There should be customization on the guide to allow the user to select 3 hours of programming per row. This can be done by double spacing on each row and reducing the number of rows to 6 or 7.
    5) Titles of programs on the My Shows screen should be allowed to be edited by the user. In this way I could change some of a list of Saturday Night Live programs to 'SNL w/Jennifer Aniston', etc.
    6) The number of favorite Channel selections should be greater than 1. I may want one favorite channels set for old "retro" shows, another for political programs, and a separate one just for each of my kids. In total you should offer about five favorite Channel selections, with each given a name selected by the user.
    7) The My Shows screen under the Encore UI is much better to understand. I like the different folders in front of the program name telling me immediately the status of the program. The red recording light should be in that same vertical row. It's very sloppy on Hydra coming after the show names.
    8) There are more key presses required under Hydra than they were for Encore, particularly on the My Show screen folders.
    9) You seem to love horizontal-scrolling, but many of the people hate it, including me. Menus that are vertical will display more information without scrolling than a horizontal one will. You didn't even keep the user number shortcuts on the TiVo Central screen when you went to horizontal-scrolling. I worked in IT, and I would never never make changes as you do without having major discussions with users.
    10) Your communication with the users is very poor. You took away the ability to transfer recordings ... some taken away entirely, some requiring TiVo online. There has been no explanation to the users as to why this is so and whether it will be corrected in the future. These are your customers! They keep you in business and yet you choose to ignore them. I would never run a business that way.
    11) The Vox microphone search seems to display programs that aren't found in the type-in search. This is something you should fix for the type in search. Also, why doesn't the Vox microphone allow us to make an entry in the search box? .... or on the Apps' search screens?
    12) I got TiVo mainly for its WishList searches, but there are so many serious bugs. There are cast members of many shows such as game shows that are ignored in WishList searches as keywords or actors (e.g., Gene Rayburn in the cast of The Match Game). Then there's the opposite problem. The show Stargate-SG does not show Dion Johnstone in the cast or the description, but his name is affected by the actor or keyword in the Wishlist.
    Why is that? If you're not going to regulate people listed in the cast with wishlist properly the Rovi guide people should then always put the host of the show as part of its description. I'm appalled that it's not done ... certainly not done accurately.
    13) Movement throughout the guard is difficult using the 'A' options choices. You should allow us to type in the number and the left or right arrow key to go ahead that number of hours.
    14) My new smart LG TV includes a microphone on its remote. When I go to some of the streaming apps on the TV, the app search screen includes use of that microphone. Why doesn't TiVo use those screens so that we can use the Vox microphone on the app searches?
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    I received a survey today, too, but my questions were quite different and leaned heavily on the method of watching shows. In every comment box, I succinctly told them that the Hydra interface was non-intuitive and, actually, hindered the ability to watch shows.

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