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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by BStu, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Hey all..

    Yesterday morning, I accidentally knocked the TiVo plug out of the socket while vacuuming (genius, I know). After the grey "power up" screen comes the yellow "Hold on, Just a Few More Minutes" screen. And that is where it has stayed. NO change whatsoever. I tried rebooting again.

    Have I killed it?

    Any suggestions appreciated...

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    Maybe and maybe not. How old is your box? Older boxes can have hard drive issues, because they do wearout with time and use. Some will last longer than others. I have one that I started using 09-2003 and its still running. Other people have reported bad hard drives before the warranty runs out.

    When you unpluged it, that was a reboot. Sometimes that's when the evidence of a bad hard drive shows up. It will keep on running with a bad hard drive if the sectors that are bad aren't being used, like the ones where the operating system files are stored. They are used the reboot the system into memory. If any sectors are bad, then it won't reboot because the program files are corrupt in that sector.

    The hard drive is replacable--just like in a computer. You can buy pre-loaded drives or blank drives and load the software from your computer. Check the TiVo Upgrade Center in this forum for details. The sponsors of this forum sell drives that work in Tivo boxes--blank and preloaded. There is also software on disks or for download for the blank ones.

    Anyway, its decision time. Either you fix the old one with a new hard drive and increase the size while you are at it or get a new box to take advantage of the new boxes out there.

    I see you joined the forum in 2003 and assume you got a box about that time. If this is that one then a new box might be in order. Cost of the new hard drive with additional space and cost of a new box might be close. You can transfer the service from the bad box to a new box, except maybe lifetime as it goes with the original box. If you upgrade with a new drive, your service or lifetime (if you have it) stays with the box--it's recorded on a chip on the motherboard not on the drive. Either way upgrade or new it will cost you some money.

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