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Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by petec, Jun 23, 2011.

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    I have an SA Tivo with a lifetime sub on it which I kind of "mothballed" about 3 years ago. It still remained on the multimedia shelf below my DTIVO which I still utilize today.

    I turned the SA Tivo on the other day and it started to boot and it quit with some errors. I remember patching it and updating it including most of the applications that I see on the forum.

    I decided to bring back the SA Tivo a couple of days ago so I used another HD I had sitting around and an ISO image that I had for the DirectTivo which works well for me.

    So I'm booting it up now and it appears to be fine except for a couple of things. I have TivoWebPlus, Tivoman, Telnet, etc installed and can get to the box just fine via the network.

    The box starts by the configuration menu and wanting to dial out to Tivo. This is fine; I plugged in a phone cable and it doesn't seem to be connecting to Tivo for whatever reason. The line is clean and I can see it dialing up the 877 Tivo number. The box is still registered with Tivo / my name / account number from about 3 years ago; so that's not an issue.

    Is there a way I can telnet and change the configuration such that it just utilizes the internet for the Tivo account validation?

    I've tried the #401 via the remote thing to tell the modem to utilize the network but it didn't work and it would be faster for me just to edit a configuration file.

    It only goes into the initial configuration screen so I cannot configure the USB connected NIC (even though I can telnet etc to it).

    Another issue is that I have three devices on the copper telephone line which listen for # or * sequence combos which I really don't want to disconnect.
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    Let's start by you telling us exactly which model (Model number) of stand alone TiVo you have.

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