Tivo Roamio with Comcast: VOD freezes. Problem solved!

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by beevik, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Becnjer

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    Nov 15, 2015
    So I've been having the same problems as a lot of others apparently. It all started when I purchased a new Tivo Bolt. I previously had the Tivo Premiere. The Comcast VOD worked properly on the old TiVo but when I got the new TiVo I just took that card out and put it in the new Tivo Bolt. All of the channels came in properly but the VOD wouldn't work. I would get the CableCard screen. So, after unsuccessfully taking with Comcast support, they claimed it was a Tivo problem. I chatted, then called with Tivo support who did a three-way call with Comcast support.

    At that point Comcast support made some adjustments because the card wasn't pairing properly (apparently) and I was then able to access VOD. However, I didn't let it play long enough to determine that I was actually now getting the dreaded freeze after a couple of seconds. So, I then called back Tivo who sent me back to Comcast. I was "transferred" twice which must be Comcast code for hanging up on you. I spoke with two different people who insisted it was a hardware issue. I insisted it wasn't since the card worked fine just a few days ago. So I got a ticket and a promise to call me back. Ugh.

    So I tried the 888-824-8988 number listed above which is apparently advanced support for Comcast and I ended up with an American who seemed to know what my issue was. Corbin promised to call back in a few minutes after he corrected the problem. Well, he didn't have any luck apparently. He has escalated my call to their "Engineering" department who are supposed to call me back. Wasted my weekend on all this nonsense and still no resolution.
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    May 14, 2007
    I've read that if you tweet @comcastcares you get pretty fast resolution.
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    Jul 30, 2014
    It took 10 months but I was finally able to get my VOD issues resolved. Once I sent an email to CEO of Comcast, I finally received full support from the supervisor of the local Comcast field technicians.

    Here's what was wrong:

    1. Comcast had configured me with wrong head end.
    2. My Tivo Roamio was defective.

    The supervisor figured out the head end issue himself. He also deserves credit for figuring out that my Tivo was defective. He determined this after bringing his office's Tivo Premier to my house and confirming that his Tivo works fine. Once I pointed out to Tivo Support that the Premier is working but the Roamio isn't (and that we've played with bill codes a million times to no avail). it was easy to convince Tivo to replace my Tivo Roamio.

    I got the new Roamio a week later and it works perfectly. All of the GSM-11 errors are a thing of the past. I am now able to use VOD without any issues.
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    Aug 30, 2010
    It took less than 15 minutes and "Michelle" said "I just sent refresh signal to your on demand feature to be stable."

    Now my Roamio and Minis can use On Demand.

    Thanks for posting and saving me a ton of time.
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    Jan 15, 2002
    So, we changed packages last week (Nashville area) to the X1 Preferred / Extreme 250 bundle. It was pulling teeth to get the package, and when they finally got us configured correctly, no on demand.

    I tried the first number listed in this thread tonight and was transferred from Cable Card support to Security to X1 billing, and no one could help me. They actually told me to call Tivo!

    Then I called the 888-824-8988 and tried on a whim, Jordan's extension above. Well, they have seven digit extensions now, so that didn't work. But I bailed out hitting asterisk and got a rep almost immediately. She saw that my rate codes were configured wrong, but she couldn't do anything about it because she didn't have access to billing. So, she is contacting them, and calling me back in 30 minutes to let me know the resolution.

    All that to say:
    * It helps to read the whole thread, or at least the first and last pages.
    * Just saying "Tivo A/O" won't fix it. At least not for some people, and not now.
    * They really are trying to make it work... but someone hasn't come up with the right script to help people like us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. jspatro16

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    Feb 23, 2016
    [Re-posting my reply on Comcast Support Forum ==>]: I had this same problem on both my Roamio and Premier boxes. It is critical that you call the toll-free number on the error screen which is the cable card tech support line. The tech needs to input both the "Host ID" and "Data" fields into his system to correctly pair the cable card in the TiVo with Comcast. Once they do this, the XOD shouild come right up after the card syncs-up after a minute or so. Both of my TiVo's now can access Comcast XOD without issue, both SD and HD programming. This is current information as this fix/set-up was done just yesterday (2/22/2016) on both of my boxes.

    The regular Comcast support desk does not know how to do this, as after about 5 minutes of checking, they came back and told me the XoD was only available in KY and TN, and if I wanted it, I had to rent their X1 set-top box.
  7. Knoxout

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    Mar 17, 2017
    Thanks so much for this thread!!! After several fruitless attempts using both the normal customer service number and even the cable card service number, the freeze issue is resolved. Thanks to this thread I gave up on the regular customer service reps. One of them had even tried to convince me that I had to move up from the Digital Preferred Package to the Digital Premier Package for $30/mo more.

    I was hopeful when I found out about the cable card number to call, but even then the first cable card rep gave up and said he would have the Advanced Technical Team call me. The second cable card rep gave up and transferred me to Tivo. Yes Tivo, not a Comcast team knowledgeable about Tivo.

    The third rep at the cable card number was the charm though. I explained that I have a Tivo Premier and Xfinity on Demand freezes a few seconds into the program I've selected. I also explained that this issue had been identified as a billing code issue on the forums I had found online. He had me provide several of the cable card parameters such as Host ID, etc. He then went through the process of re-pairing the card, as others had, which didn't fix it of course. He told me his "system" then suggested it could be related to a billing code issue. He then put me on hold while he went through those settings. When he came back he said there were some settings there that needed to be changed, but he didn't give the exact details. He then had me try it again, and it worked!

    In total I have about 6-7 hours invested, and I feel lucky. How sad is that? Anyway, good luck out there everybody!
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    Jun 16, 2017
    I, too, had the VOD start and immediate stop issue. I called into general support, I described the problem and the rep contacted another department with an agent who solved the issue. I asked him to talk to her since he still had her on the line while he verified the fix.

    I was transferred to Allie (hopefully I spelled that correctly) who told me that in my case the billing code was set incorrectly and should be "Cablecard Primary", but was set to Set-top Box. Apparently, there is a department who routinely changes this code during account audits. Once she made that change I was good to go immediately.

    She did also say that if I ever had this problem in the future to call 877-405-2298 and that would get me to an Oklahoma call center who was more prepared for cable card questions.

    Hopefully this helps the next poor soul
  9. slowbiscuit

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    Sep 19, 2006
    In the ATL
    Thanks for letting us know that the CC hotline could fix this, will try them next time it happens.
  10. NorthAlabama

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    Apr 19, 2012
    sweet home, al
    i'm sure i'm way beyond the next poor soul, but i can't thank you enough for your post with the resolution.

    i just switched internet from u-verse to comcast, and on top of a bad firmware load to my first modem, combined with a 65% signal integrity issue from the local node creating constant internet outages (they're working on it :rolleyes:), on-demand had stopped working, too. it was amazing to be able to call in with the issue and solution, and have it up and going within 2 minutes - both i and the rep were very pleased - thanks! :thumbsup:
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