Tivo Roamio with Comcast: VOD freezes. Problem solved!

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by beevik, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Well you do have to pay for the cablecard if you already have another cablecard or cable box on the account.

    If the cablecard is the only device on the account Comcasts own website indicates that the first cablecard is free.
  2. DeltaOne

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    Sep 29, 2013
    The CableCard charge varies market by market.

    Here in Maryland I have two CableCards for no charge and a $5 credit because I'm using my own equipment.

    But I am paying a $9.95 charge for HD and $9.95 for a second outlet.
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    I just wanted to post my experience of Comcast VOD freezing and my resolution is case it can help others. I went form Series 3 and Premiere both with VOD working. With the new Roamio, I could play VOD for 4 seconds and it would freeze. It took 10 days with at least a dozen calls and over at least 10 hours of my time to resolve the issue. I called Comcast cable card activation several times to pair and unpair my cable card without luck. I called Comcast customer service who kept resending the signal without luck. I asked Comcast billing to add the infamous Tivo sales code without luck. Tivo customer support stated that my SNR was to high at 39 db. They recommended placing attenuators to lower the signal because a hot signal may cause problems. I had Comcast come out and test my lines, no problem there. They added the attenuators, no luck either. After Comcast customer support could not fix my issue, they escalated my case to level 2 support and stated that I would receive a call back in 1-2 days. They stated they could not transfer me to level 2 support because they did not have the phone number. After 5 days and no call back, I called Tivo support back and stated what had been tried and that a technician came out and tested the line. This Tivo support representative had the number to Comcast level 2 support (which Comcast stated did not exist) and started a 3 way conference call. After a call back from level 2 support the same day, they finally figured out that my account was setup incorrectly. They stated it was set up for 2-way transmission, but should have been setup as 1-way transmission. I post this to help others who could have the same problem. I must say Comcast level one support is ridiculous, after not resolving my issue and retrying the same thing over and over, my case should have been escalated to level 2 support sooner. They should have transferred me immediately and not have to wait 10 days and waste my time. For a company as big as Comcast, I was very disappointed in how my problem was handled. Finally VOD works now. All is good again.
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    Having been through the frustration I'd pay a buck and half not to have had to do it all. Of course it's unlikely they'd have fixed it, so you'd be out the $1.50 for nothing most likely.
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    Aug 8, 2014
    Thanks so much for this thread! Because of this I was able to get the issue resolved via chat by giving them the information about the code. This was after I called the regular tech support line and they suggested a get a new cable card and then scheduled a visit to come to my house and 2 calls to the cable card activation line. I'm sure I would have been in for many hours of frustration if not for this thread. Instead, I was able to get it resolved in about 2 hours which is nothing compared to it taking 2 weeks to get the cable card paired recently after I upgraded units!
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    I'm about 3 phone calls, 4 local office visits, and 6 chats in without any success so far. I did, however, receive some information from my local office that I thought might help someone. She gave me some of their documentation that included a list of codes by name. Hopefully this helps someone. It hasn't helped me yet. :)

    These are labeled as Northeast
    Tivo Premiere CableCARD: TiVo CC (F'2)
    Tivo Premiere A/O: TiVoCCAO (F'4)
    Primary CableCARD: OXPKGTiVoCC (VE277)
    CableCARD A/O: DIGAOTiVo (VE278)
    Professional Installation: TiVoPMINSTL (VI224)

    These are labeled as West
    TiVo Primary (VF134)
    TiVo a/o (VF135)
    TiVo install (V1224)
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    I am getting error CL-14 over and over. I can see the On Demand menus but the videos won't start. I moved the cable card from my old series 3 TiVo to the new Roamio yesterday, had it paired, everything looks right with the card. So far I've had it suggested that I need a new card, that I need to call the billing department, and that I need to have a tech come out.

    Here is a bit from the latest chat:

    AMY_ > My Issue: Video on demand does not work on TiVo. Menu comes up, then error CL-14. Cable card works great, paired and activated correctly. Many others have had this problem and need a code added to the account.
    AMY_ > Here is a post from the TiVo community forum where someone had this problem corrected: "I recently had issues with VOD freezing. Online chat had it fixed in about 5 minutes by adding the code, "TiVo Premier Stand Alone" under "bolt-ons". According to the agent it's a no fee code."
    Vinyl > Hi, Amy. I understand that your are getting error CL-14 on your on demand.
    Vinyl > Please be assured that I'll do my best to help you.
    Vinyl > Just to set your expectations, Once we are done with the troubleshooting steps, we will decide whether a technician is needed to completely resolved the issue.
    Vinyl > I'll be here to walk you through out the troubleshooting process, Amy.Shall we proceed?
    AMY_ > Here is another person's post on the subject: "Here is what the online rep told me she did to fix the problem: She added the "Tivo Premier Cable Card Install" code, which is a free $0.00 code. When she first added it to my account, the problem didn't go away; I still got the freeze. Then she removed the code and added it again. At that point, my VOD started working. When I asked her why it was so difficult to solve the problem, she said, "we need to really look for it, for the name is not labelled correctly in some accounts." So apparently the proper billing code is hard to find in their system. If they tell you it doesn't exist, let them know what this service rep told me."
    AMY_ > It seems from the experience of everyone who has been there before that a visit to the home is not needed. The cable card is working properly, it is a code that needs to be added
    AMY_ > I have already had a signal sent to the box, re-started it, unplugged it, and tested the cable card to make sure it is activated properly
    Vinyl > I completely understand, Amy.
    Vinyl > No worries as I will diagnose where the issue is coming from.
    AMY_ > Thank you!
    Vinyl > You are most welcome.
    Vinyl > An error in On Demand indicates a weak or degraded signal going into the box. This error message is generated when there is a loose or bad connection going from the wall jack to the back of the cable box.
    AMY_ > I don't have a cable box, I have the TiVo, and I have checked the signal strength and it is strong
    Vinyl > I meant the cablecard
    Vinyl > On your TIVO?
    AMY_ > Can you please add the code, or is there a way to connect me to someone who can?
    AMY_ > Many others have had this solved by adding the code
    Vinyl > I can, Amy.
    AMY_ > Yes, I have checked the cable signal strength on the TiVo
    Vinyl > I am already looking for it.
    Vinyl > Thank you.
    AMY_ > Thank you :)
    Vinyl > Can you please tune away from the On Demand Screen and tune into a channel?
    AMY_ > My old TiVo did not support VOD so I believe there is a code that needs to be added to activate that. Just for reference, I have a set-top box in another room and my VOD is working in there!
    AMY_ > Yes, I am on channel 674
    Vinyl > Thank you.
    Vinyl > Would you mind waiting for 2-3 minutes while I add the code and send signals to your cablecard?
    AMY_ > Sure! Thanks!
    Vinyl > Thank you.
    Vinyl > You are most welcome.

    So this did not work. Neither did removing the card, nor waiting 45 minutes. S/he added the code again and sent another signal, no luck. Then the depressing part of the chat:

    "Vinyl > The reason why you're getting an error message is because of the insufficient signal going to your cablecard due to some inteference.
    Vinyl > The best resolution for this are
    Vinyl > 1. we schedule you a technician appointment
    Vinyl > 2. you may easily replace the box at a Comcast Center near you for Free.
    Vinyl > I meant cable card not box
    AMY_ > What interference do you think it could be?
    Vinyl > May I ask which option is convenient for you?
    AMY_ > But the cable card works fine in all other ways and the signal strength is listed as strong?
    AMY_ > I would prefer not to replace it because it has worked fine in my other TiVo for 3 years
    Vinyl > It could be that the cablecard is not properly working with your TIVO or your TIVO eligible on broadcasting on demand.
    Vinyl > I understand.
    Vinyl > I can set up an appointment for you, Amy.
    Vinyl > Shall we proceed?
    AMY_ > No thank you, the technicians I have experienced in the past do not have any training in cable cards. But thank you for asking. I will keep trying with tech support.
    Vinyl > I completely understand, Amy.
    Vinyl > I deepely apologize for the inconvenience.
    AMY_ > I appreciate you doing your best to help!
    Vinyl > You don't need to mention it, Amy. It has been my pleasure assisting you today.
    Vinyl > I really appreciate working with you today. Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.
    Vinyl > Anyway, here is your ticket number as your referrence : CR390752580
    Vinyl > I really appreciate working with you today. Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.
    AMY_ > Just wanted to mention that I checked the signal strength and it says 98%
    Vinyl > I completely understand, That should show because I have snet proper signals to your cable card.
    Vinyl > Thanks for letting us know as well, amy.
    Vinyl > My deepest apology if we are unable to adress your on demand issue as of now.
    Vinyl > I really appreciate working with you today. Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.
    AMY_ > Thank you, is there a way to escalate the chat to the next level of technical support?
    Vinyl > What we can do is to wait for around 30-45 minutes for on demand features to fully load since we have tried all the troubleshooting steps to ensure this gets taken cared of.
    Vinyl > Please do not access on demand within that time.
    AMY_ > Okay
    Vinyl > After, 45 minutes and the issue still persists, I would highly appreciate your chat or call back, Amy. No worries, I have all the basic steps noted here in your account to assist the next representative for your call back. I am positive though that all the basic steps that we have been done will resolve your cable issues."

    Does anyone have any wisdom or suggestions? I'm in Seattle. Thank you so much!
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    I live in Bellevue and you can see my previous post here:

    I went into the Comcast store in Redmond. The supervisor there noticed the billing code was not on my account and she added it. That fixed it. I wish I could remember her name - she was a young woman and I think her name was Deanne or something like that (I've talked to other people there who have given me wrong information in the past, but she seems to know what's going on). Maybe you can go into your local store if Redmond is too far away for you, and ask them to replace the CC and then ask them check to ensure the billing code is on that card. Good luck.
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    Any ideas on why a simple roamio reboot fixes the 5second freeze? The irritating thing is after a while I will have the same issue, once I do another reboot all is fine for some time.

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    Hmm. My Hardware is a Roamio Plus with a Mini. Had the "Freezing" problem. Had support add the "Tivo AO Billing Code" as suggested by page 1 of this thread. Went from bad to worse: :( Was getting an error message. Now an hour later I'm back to where I was- freezing on the Mini, and the cablecard activation screen ("this screen is provided on behalf of your cable provider") when starting OD on the Roamio.

    So now this makes me think they're region specific and I screwed up when asking them what to add. Now my question is, do I want the "Premiere Cablecard" or the "Premiere A/O" code? Hopefully they'll add it if I ask them, but I want to get the right one.

    On a side note, does anyone have any idea what "A/O" mean?

    BTW, I'm in PA, just outside of Philly.

  11. HarperVision

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    I would say you should have them use "Premiere Cablecard" and that it is the very first device listed as the first outlet on your account. If it isn't it will cause problems, as you're probably seeing. A/O means "Additional Outlet", so they should only use that if you have a second and subsequent TiVos (not a mini) and they should be listed in order after your first initial one.

    BTW, I'm originally from just outside Philly as well, Bucks County. Parents and siblings still all live around there.

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    Didja stay up and watch the whole game Monday night?? :D I was born and raised in Manayunk; now I live a whole 5 miles away in the Lafayette Hill area.

    So the 2nd support chat person "Matthew" was pretty clueless. He would never give me a straight answer until the end- I told him if he wouldn't activate it, we should just end the chat and I would try again. Then he said something about not seeing it available to my account- which wouldn't have been so egregious, had he said that right away after I asked specifically for that, and then at least 8 more times. But he kept doing things and he wasn't telling me what it was and tied me up for 45 minutes with pointless nonsense. So I just closed the chat window.

    Next I emailed the we_can_help thing. Got a call back in two hours. Very nice helpful person; at first she mused that TiVo couldn't get on-demand because her neighbor has a TiVo and they kept one Comcast box just for on-demand :) . But she heard me out and then suggested a truck roll. I told her about the experiences I read about here, and she said no, we don't want that to happen. So she allegedly found the code, loaded it, and hit the box. No good. She was going to research. Called back in 2 minutes and said a coworker told her it could take some time for the CC to download everything. So 29 hours later and nothing- she is off Fri/Sat so she pledged to call me on Sunday. She said she's committed to making this work and she sounds like she means it. Stay tuned!
  13. buckyswider

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    Aug 31, 2003
    Well, after a month and they couldn't fix it, they insisted on a truck roll. :) Very nice guy came out, checked all the signals, cablecards, etc., and made a phone call and the "fix" was that TiVO has to do a "forced network reset" and it will all work. LOL

    Well, TiVO support isn't in yet- 9 more minutes!- so I will have TiVO do that. 99.9% sure it's not going to change anything, but hey, I'll play their game...
  14. buckyswider

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    TiVO support has never heard of a "forced network reset". Best they could recommend is a reboot & forced connection. Did both, still no VOD.

    This is comical.
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    AI've also been trying to solve this issue, including through countless sessions with phone and online Comcast support, a visit by a Comcast tech, and efforts by TiVo 'executive support'. No luck. Have asked for the 'Tivo Premier' code added. I've been told that my plan (Internet Plus = locals + HBO + Streampix/VOD for $40) is not eligible for VOD and that I need at least a Digital Basic plan (guess mine is considered Limited Basic) - but I can access VOD via Comcast app and basic SD box on secondary TV no prob.

    One more thing I noticed is that my primary receiver on my TiVo online account page is called 'MOTOROLA TIVOPMHST'. Does that seem right?

    Any other suggestions?
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    javabird Well-Known Member

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    Mine says "MOTOROLA TIVOHOST". (I have Blast Plus which includes internet + Digital Economy with Streampix. )
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    Nov 29, 2014
    Does your VOD work?
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    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
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    buckyswider Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    Well here we are now. :)

    Came back from vacation to find I had zero channels. V58 message, looks like it started 0245 Monday morning as per a half recorded show. Comcast was clueless (as usual) but finally on my third go-round to have somebody re-pair my cablecard all my channels came back instantly.

    AND, on a lark, I tried Xfinity on demand and VIOLA- it's working now!! I hadn't tried it in a couple weeks, so I can't *definitely* attribute it to the re-pairing, but that's the best I can come up with. So now that's all good! (for now).

    On a side note, while I was on the support chat trying to get this fix (attempt #1), my internet went out. the "my services" page then only listed phone and TV as my comcast services (no internet). First support buffoon had me powering down and rebooting everything including the toaster. After that chat person disconnected, I tried to 'test' internet from the router config screen and I got thrown to the comcast activation portal. It wouldn't complete automatically, so I had to call the activation number. I went through the normal activation steps with that person and internet came back on. Between both issues, four hours of my life I'll never get back. What is it with comcast? They just randomly run some sort of system updates that drop subscribers enrollments? I don't even

    So all I need to do now is get android LTE streaming working and I'll be totally up and running!! Only four and months so far!!!!
  20. viggin

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Guys I'm at a loss of what to do here.

    I had working OnDemand when I first moved to this Comcast region almost 2 years ago (May 2013). At some point my OnDemand quit working. Some time last year -- around April I think -- I made a big effort to get it working again. Multiple calls to Comcast, made a stink on twitter, tried all the billing codes, re-paired the CableCard...it just never worked. I gave up.

    Last week we got a Comcast store just up the street from my house. I decided I'd give it another go-around. I spent the last 2 hours getting the CableCard (Took them about 10 minutes in the store just to get the CableCard to attach to my account. Not something that I felt like was a good sign!), bringing it home, re-pairing it, etc.

    The new CableCard seems to be paired and it's probably brand new (This is really a brand brand new Comcast store). My premium channels (HBO) are working. My OnDemand is not. It's the exact same problem I had before -- plays for about 3 seconds and locks up. The time bar across the bottom of the screen will keep progressing as if it's actually playing but it's not.

    I've also heard the line that my package doesn't include OnDemand but I have the same package as JavaBird above (Digital Plus with Internet, local channels, HBO) and I live in the same greater Comcast market (He indicated Redmond area -- I'm in Everett).

    Anybody? Anybody?

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