Tivo Roamio with Comcast: VOD freezes. Problem solved!

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by beevik, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. javabird

    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    Did you have to pay for the truck roll?
  2. JohnAynes

    JohnAynes New Member

    Mar 22, 2014
    Morning all: I noticed that xfinity On Demand was on my Romio Pro so tried to access. SAME issue many are reporting with freezing. Called comcast received all the same BS that everyone is reporting, one said that we just turned it on for Tivo in Chicago this week, should take a while to get the bugs out - check back!

    Anyway, this thread helped me a lot (even though it still required multiple calls). I finally got a tech support guy and did the following;

    1. Delete and re-add same code (as suggested by others).
    -this was done by Sales dept (not even billing or cc activation line)
    2. Transferred to tech support and he did 2 things
    2.a. Cable Card/Validation Hit <CCV>
    2.b. Immediately sent a Re-hit <RHT>

    This worked. Apparently just deleting and adding the same billing code back in isn't enough.

    Even though this whole damn process took a few hours to get to the bottom of it would have been MUCH MUCH worse without the help of this forum!

    Thanks to all for posting this.....
  3. ncfoster

    ncfoster Member

    Jan 22, 2011
    For the record, mine worked on both my Roamio and my Mini after a single reboot on each, and no other steps. <fingers crossed>
  4. javabird

    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    I had the same problem, even though when I first picked up my CC I asked the guy in the Comcast store to make sure the correct code was added to my account because I had heard of this issue, and he assured me he had. I also called the same number 877-405-2298 but they said they could only handle a technical problem and then I was transferred multiple times to different departments and no one seemed to know what I was talking about, so I hung up.

    When I went back to the Comcast store 2 weeks later to return a CC from my old Tivo, I mentioned to the lady that I was having this problem, and she said she already had noticed it was missing from my account and she fixed it -- just a couple of clicks on her computer. Indeed, when I returned home I found it now worked.
  5. Sevrin grey

    Sevrin grey New Member

    Oct 26, 2013
    just got off chat support with them and it was a mess but in the end the issue was resolved and now works after freezing trying to watch anything.

    analyst Jade has entered room

    Jade: Hello joan, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jade. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    Jade: Welcome to Comcast Billing department. Let me extend a warm smile to make your day even brighter! I look forward to helping you today. How are you doing today, Joan?

    joan: My Issue: hello i recently got the xfinity on demand app on my tivo roamio and every time i try to watch a show or a movie it freezes after about 5 seconds every time so i searched it online and i came across a link

    joan: http://forums.comcast.com/t5/Video-On-Demand/Tivo-Premier-On-Demand-freezes/td-p/1604805

    joan: something about it being a billing code issue

    Jade: Thank you for providing that information.

    Jade: Oh, I understand you have issue about watching movie on demand and it freezes after 5 seconds, am I correct?

    joan: yeah and shows

    Jade: Thank you for confirming. I really appreciate it.

    Jade: Let me check that on the account first.

    Jade: Rest assured that I will exhaust all possible resources that I have to resolve your concern today.

    Jade: Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superior customer experience &#8211; that&#8217;s our guarantee. Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at http://www.comcast.com/corporate/Customers/CustomerGuarantee.html?fss=customer guarantee

    Jade: So I can better assist you, do you mind if I ask a few questions?

    joan: ok

    Jade: Great!

    Jade: For the integrity and security of the account, can you please verify the Account Number listed on the account?

    joan: yeah hold on let me find it

    Jade: Sure, take your time.

    joan: **************

    Jade: Excellent! Thank you.

    Jade: I assure you that Comcast is all about protecting customers' confidentiality and privacy. Whatever you provide to us will remain between us.

    Jade: Let me pull up your account.

    Jade: While waiting, let me share this link to you http://www.comcast.net/benefits/ , with this you can actually explore on what you can get from Comcast. Moreover, if you like to know more about comcast products and features, please feel free to visit this site: rofileid=31731FAE-E477-447E-82F1-9D3BB822FF49&lid=4ShopBundles&lpos=Nav" target="_blank">http://www.comcast.com/localization...E-82F1-9D3BB822FF49&lid=4ShopBundles&lpos=Nav

    joan: it says something about in the "bolt on section" and the "TIVOAO" section in the link i sent you

    Jade: Thank you for patiently waiting.

    Jade: Joan, I also want to make sure that your issue will be dealt with expertise, however, your chat has been routed to billing department that supports payments and disputes.

    Jade: Our Cable Department is better equipped in handling this request. What I will do now is to transfer this chat to my partners there as they have the right tools and information regarding this matter. Is that okay with you?

    joan: yes thats fine

    Jade: Great!

    Jade: To recap no changes made on your account.

    Jade: Do you have any other questions or concerns I can help you with today?

    joan: no

    Jade: Thank you.

    Jade: It's been a wonderful to assist a customer like you.

    Jade: It was a pleasure assisting and chatting with you today! Have a great day and thank you for choosing Comcast. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-870-4310 or visit us at www.comcast.net for technical support. We appreciate your business!

    Jade: By the way, please take time to answer the short survey. This is done by just clicking the &#8220;EXIT CHAT&#8221; button located at the top right of the chat screen and click on the &#8220;TAKE OUR SURVEY button. Thank you very much for your time and patience all throughout the chat. Have a wonderful day!

    Jade: Please stay connected while I am transferring the chat.

    joan: ok

    Jade: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

    analyst Marilene has entered room

    Marilene: Hi! How are you doing today?

    joan: im ok

    Waiting for response from Jade

    analyst Jade has left room

    joan: have you seen everything i sent with the link and everything?

    joan: hello? are you there

    Marilene: Yes, I am here.

    joan: did you get my link?

    joan: http://forums.comcast.com/t5/Video-On-Demand/Tivo-Premier-On-Demand-freezes/td-p/1604805

    joan: it says something about in the "bolt on section" and the "TIVOAO" section in the link i sent you

    joan: having to do with a billing code issue

    Marilene: I am sorry to know that you are having issue with On demand.

    Marilene: I will help you resolve this.

    joan: thank you

    Marilene: You are most welcome.

    Marilene: May I ask what are the troubleshooting steps you have followed to resolve this issue?

    joan: i rebooted my tivo and i called the comcast cable card line and then they repaired it the cable card to my tivo roamio and told me to wait 45 mins and it should work

    Marilene: Thanks for the information.

    joan: and then looked on tivocommunity.com and read about this issue

    Marilene: Same issue persist, is that correct?

    joan: yes everything freezes after 5 seconds.

    Marilene: Since that is the case, I will send tech to your house to check and fix the On demand issue.

    Marilene: May I ask for a good call ahead number?

    joan: no i don't need a tech to come to the house did you look at the link i sent you ?

    joan: it can be done in the billing section

    Marilene: May I ask how many Tivo you are using?

    joan: if read the link you would see what the issue and resolution is

    joan: I'm using 1 tivo roamio dvr

    Marilene: I have read it. May I ask for the serial number of the Tivo?

    Marilene: I will check if that is correct on your account.

    joan: is it the service number?

    Marilene: It starts with 03501.

    Marilene: I can see the correct code here, I will just verify if the serial is correct as well as the cable card.

    joan: I'm looking for it

    Marilene: Thanks for your cooperation.

    joan: is it on the box itself?

    Marilene: Yes it is.

    joan: TSN ???

    Marilene: Does it starts with 03501?

    joan: TSN ****************

    joan: and theres a sku gc5800

    joan: nothing with 03501

    Marilene: Are you seeing the word Host there?

    joan: no

    Marilene: I am checking the notes on your account instead.

    joan: i have the cable card sn:***********

    joan: ok

    Marilene: Thanks for the information.

    Marilene: I checked the notes here and I can see here that the cable card ********** is already paired to your new Tva nd has the correct service code which is TIVOHOST.

    Marilene: TIVOAO is used for additional Tivo.

    Marilene: Which means there is no problem on the biller.

    joan: maybe try tivo roamio

    joan: instead of tivohost

    joan: is there a way to edit that?

    joan: chance the billing code to "tivo roamio"

    Marilene: There is no tivo roamio but there is Tivo premier host.

    Marilene: Would you like me to try that?

    joan: thats the problem it need to be tivo roamio

    joan: yes''

    Marilene: There we go, I have change the service code.

    Marilene: I am sending signal to your box now.

    joan: ok

    Marilene: I just sent signal to the cable card and host. Are there any changes?

    joan: yes its working!!!

    Marilene: Perfect! I am so happy to know that it is working fine now.

    Marilene: We have resolve your concern by changing the service code on your Tivo box and sending signal to the box.

    Marilene: Have I resolve your reason for chatting?

    joan: thank you so much for sticking with me with all that

    joan: yes you have

    Marilene: Wonderful and it's my pleasure helping you Joan.

    Marilene: Just to let you know, at the end of this chat there will be a short survey. I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete it so we can continue to improve the service we provide to you. Is that okay with you?

    joan: ok
  6. javabird

    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    I can't believe they were going to send a truck roll to your house (and probably charge you extra) for something they can just fix by adding the billing code. Seems like Comcast really needs to get their act together.
  7. Sevrin grey

    Sevrin grey New Member

    Oct 26, 2013
    I know I was so frustrated about it I was like no I don't need a service technician to come to the house they aren't going to be able to do anything this can be done over chat or phone thank god she stuck with me when I said that cause I wasn't gonna agree to have someone come out when it's not even gonna help the employees need to be taught more about issues like this it's ridicoulous all that I had to go through to get it fixed I basically walked her through it.
  8. MoreDrums

    MoreDrums New Member

    Mar 24, 2014
    As mentioned by many others...thank you for all the posts and ideas here. It saved countless hours. Here is what worked for me:

    The Issue...same as others, got the long-awaited Comcast email that VOD was available for TIVO in Chicago market. Anxiously checked the TIVO Menu and found it there. (Visions of taking back about 6 Comcast boxes and replacing with some Tivo Minis...ahhhhh). Alas, the dreaded freezing issue. All VOD menus were there and fast navigation...only to select a movie and freeze in 5 seconds.

    The approach...Google search to find out this is a HUGE issue...yikes! So I browse forums and waste time calling Comcast...who sympathetically (emphasis on pathetically) transfer me to Tivo support. Nice man verified my Tivo was working fine and communicating with them...something I knew. But he echoed the most valuable advice: 877-405-2298 the Comcast CableCard line.

    The Solution...Spoke to "Grace" who walked me into the CableCard menus to retreive my serial number, HostID and DataID. She had me do a hard reset...physically unplug the Tivo and replug it and restart. (WARNING...no matter how important this is, make sure wife is not recording Grey's Anatomy at the time...big mistake!) Anyway, once the box recovered, Grace sent a signal (which is apparent, but I trust her.) Then she says...try the VOD. Voila! it all works.

    Summary...I asked her what she changed and she wasn't terribly specific...but...she said that the issue relates to the back end billing system "knowing" that my Tivo is authorized for VOD. So, it may be a billing code, or could be anything...but one call to the CableCard Help line was all it took and it's working exactly as expected...sweet!

  9. javabird

    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    Unfortunately, not everyone at the 877-405-2298 number appears to know how to correct the VOD freezing issue. There needs to better training so the ALL Comcast techs will know how to resolve this issue when getting support calls.
  10. usa98j30t4

    usa98j30t4 New Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Alright. I will not bore everyone with the entire story. I have had my Roamio Plus for about 10 days now. From the beginning, my XOD has frozen. I have spoken to Tivo and Comcast. Comcast pushed a firmware update to my cable card. That did not seem to fix it.

    I also have a Premier XL down in the basement. My Roamio is in the living room. After the firmware update did not seem to work, I took the Roamio downstairs and swapped it with the Premier. The Roamio started to work!!!! XOD with no freezing. I took it back upstairs and plugged it back in. Work flawlessly until yesterday. Started freezing again!!!

    Took it back downstairs again. Unplugged the Premier XL and plugged in the Roamio Plus. IT IS WORKING AGAIN!!! I have left it downstairs for now and the Premier XL is upstairs with XOD working (as it always has with the XL).

    No idea what is going on and neither Comcast nor Tivo know how to fix it. I will check on the Roamio XOD periodically to see how long it lasts.

    Prior to this and based on what I had read on the forums, I have had everything checked and triple checked by Comcast. They swear my account is correct. I am at a loss.

    Well, that lasted two days. Back to freezing again.
  11. mjjspencer

    mjjspencer New Member

    Feb 19, 2011
    Just wanted to add another experience with Cable Card support. Chicago just added VOD. I checked and same 5 second freeze on VOD play. Called card support. Agent said since the card was already paired to Tivo, this is a tech issue and may she "please transfer me to tech (Comcast general) support." I explained this problem has been resolved many times through her department and referenced the forums. She repeated herself to "please transfer" and said she does not know of this Tivo VOD issue. I politely thanked her for her time and said I would try later. 10 minutes later called the same number. Spoke to "Kim" this time. I explained the problem and she said that she had in fact heard about this problem and that her supervisor had asked her agents to report what solutions worked for them.

    I explained the highlights from the above posts (thanks everyone!). She verified "Tivo premier" code was on account and re-paired card. She asked me to test. It worked! No restart or hard reboot necessary. I asked if she deleted and re added "Tivo premier" and she said no. I emphatically thanked her and she assured me she would report this to her supervisor and I requested they disseminate info on this issue to all their support agents since the previous agent I spoke with was not aware of it.

    If at first you don't succeed...

    Good Luck!
  12. midas

    midas I heard that TCF Club

    Jun 1, 2000
    I must have gotten lucky. Since they turned on VOD here in Chicago mine has worked fine. Well not fine, I did have a short time when I was getting 301 errors, but that went away on it's own. But no freezing yet.
  13. Shanezam203

    Shanezam203 Member

    Jul 27, 2007

    Thanks for these steps, does anyone know direct line for Cable Card support through Comcast?
  14. worachj

    worachj Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    Eagan, MN
  15. usa98j30t4

    usa98j30t4 New Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Well, my on demand worked for two days this time and is back to freezing.
  16. Apr 3, 2014 #116 of 170

    efilippi Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2001
    Mundelein, Il
    My experience isn't as clean as Midas's but ok and makes everything upthread a bit questionable.

    I got a new Roamio Pro about a week ago, drove to Comcast and picked up a cable card, got it paired and everything seemed to work except Xfinity on demand. Did the recall, repair bit and still no luck. They suggested I try a new card, so I did.

    Same as first card except now Premium channels no longer worked. Recalled, repaired, no success. Tivo was involved and pointed out that the Val had to be V whereas it varied for me from none to ? Comcast person said they would send a technician.

    A guy came yesterday, called a number and re-paired the card. Boom, everything worked. What? I asked. He said the data number was incorrect but host id and the other numbers were ok. I was a tad incredulous since I know every time I called I gave the numbers and the clerk read them back to me perfectly.

    I asked the tech guy about whether the fact that my equipment roster referred to my box as Motorola thomdta wasn't perhaps a problem because I read here that it must be Tivopmhst or other things in order to work. He said that's nonsense as we flipped from ondemand show to another and watched HBO etc.

    So this may not be helpful to others but I guess it shows that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence floating around that will support just about anything.
  17. NWFrequentFlyer

    NWFrequentFlyer New Member

    Apr 17, 2014
    DIRECT LINE for CABLEcard support: 1-877-405-2298 (they solved my problem)

    I had the freezing issue w/ my Premiere Series4. I tried cable card activation line (877-405-2298)... she was not amused and sent me to TIVO(877-367-8486). I talked to Doug at TIVO and he was awesome, listened, gave me the Comcast number at top of post(1-877-405-2298). It worked. When I called it sounded like I called a closet w/ two tech guys working--laid back and knowledgeable, no script. He spent sometime going through my account, said it appeared ok.

    I asked about deleting cable card install code and re-adding it... he said "hmm..."

    A minute later he "found the problem," the code originally attached to my account was the wrong code. He worked his magic, re-sent the signal and minutes later On Demand played perfectly!

    Wait and see for now. Crossing fingers this lasts.
  18. javabird

    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    I had a similar experience. I found out the 877-405-2298 is only for technical issues with the CC, like pairing the card, etc. The VOD freezing issue is a billing issue, and the tech support CC can't help with that.
  19. rowelle

    rowelle New Member

    May 20, 2014
    I've been having VOD problems for almost a year. I've called Comcast spoke with their tech support, billing support and even called the dedicated Cable Card line with no help.

    I was getting frustrated and PISSED OFF. They kept telling me that they've reset the signal and that it would be working fine and if not that instant, for me to check again in an hour. I would check an hour later with no luck.

    Today I decided to give it another go and I found this thread. I used the chat support and pasted the link to this thread in the chat. The person who helped me, his name is Ramon, said that they couldn't click on links for security reasons or something. I forgot what he said. So I told him that I would copy and paste.

    I pasted these two lines:
    She added the "Tivo Premier Cable Card Install" code, which is a free $0.00 code. When she first added it to my account, the problem didn't go away; I still got the freeze. Then she removed the code and added it again. At that point, my VOD started working.

    Cassiopeia: Yes and please I know you will post this on the forum, please specify the they need to really look for it, for the name is not labelled correctly in some accounts. Thank you!

    Ramon then asked me if my TiVo was a Series 4 or a Premier and I said Premier. He then said he found the code but that it had a $1/month charge to it. I was bummed about that news because VOD should be free for Comcast subscribers unless they're renting special content. I was almost going to give up on the whole thing if it cost an extra $12/year because my cable bill is so expensive already. I was thinking of the $0.00 code that was mentioned in this thread and was thinking that Comcast must've added that charge recently.

    Ramon told me that he would look for other codes and found a free one and applied it to my account. I tried to access On Demand and I began to cry.

    Ramon: Oh, my. Why is that?
    Rowell: I've been dealing with this problem for MONTHS and you've fixed it! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

    I'm so glad that he was able to fix it! I couldn't have done it without this thread.
  20. CMOS1

    CMOS1 New Member

    Jan 6, 2007
    I've been trying to resolve this problem as well. Today, Comcast tried to charge me $1.50/month to add the "Tivo Card" to my account. I told them to forget it, I'm not paying another $1.50/month for something I should be getting already.

    I will have to chat again and see if I can find someone that knows hot to fix this. If you know what code was added free of charge, that would be great.

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