Tivo Roamio Records Only a few minutes of shows

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ncschoon, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Help, I've been a Tivo user for quite some time and this is a perplexing problem. I am using OTA and have a mohu leaf antenna with a pretty good signal that gives me most major stations without interruption. I have my normal slew of programs to record and everything was going along nicely, things were recording as needed, the wife was happy. Lately most shows have only been giving me around 6 minutes of recording. I've looked in the usual places to try to determine the problem, are there conflicting shows, is the drive full, etc but really can't see anything obvious. My question is this an indication that there are bigger issues here, hard drive failure, etc? I have had one other Roamio go bad on me (just never gets past loading screen) so this is my second unit. It is out of warrany and Tivo wants $150 for a refurb. I'm hoping it is just something that I am missing. I am not adverse to just factory resetting the whole thing if I have to do that. Please tell me what more information you might need so I can better describe the problem, I'll check here as often as I can. thanks!
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