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    So I had a Vizio TV with a Vizio soundbar. The Tivo remote would operate both Vizio devices along with the Roamio Plus. I lived the One Remote life and it was fabulous. Recently, I had to replace the TV and I did so with a new Samsung (still using the Vizio soundbar). To get the Samsung TV to work with the Tivo remote I had to reprogram the remote. But the Tivo remote is only performing on/off on the TV (no sound up/down). The Tivo remote is not working anything on the soundbar. I'm living in a hell of two remotes, even 3 remotes if I count the soundbar remote.

    What have I done wrong? Will the Tivo remote only work with one "other" branded device?

    *the optical connection is between the soundbar and TV as it was with the Vizio.
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    Couple of options. Switch to HDMI and enable CEC. Or teach sound bar Samsung volume commands. Or reprogram TiVo remote audio codes for your sound bar. I’d check the sound bar manual and do whatever is easiest for you.
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    First, disable the TV's volume control inside it's menu (some TVs do this automatically when you connect an optical device, but it's worth a double-check)

    Then, pair the remote to the TV via TiVo+TV Pwr and the Samsung remote code.

    Then, pair the remote to the soundbar via TiVo+Mute and code 1180 for Vizio soundbars.

    This should all get it going again.
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    Make sure to run through some of the other Remote Codes listed for Samsung TV's. You're likely to find a better match.


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