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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by argusx, May 19, 2011.

  1. argusx

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    How many of you are have TiVo's recording programs by 'Teleworld' (basically, nothing but infomercials)? I've given this particular item a 3 thumbs down and the TiVo continues to record them. In addition, I can't actually find the programs that have been recorded anywhere, not in 'Now Playing' or 'Showcases'. It appears to me the TiVo could fill the drive with this programming and it's basically invisible, I can't even find it to delete it. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

    I've done a Google search regarding this and I've seen postings as far back as 2002. People were saying it's only a 'glitch'. Nine years later and it's still going on? Doesn't sound like a glitch to me.
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    Why not do a search on the board here instead of google?

    Tivo will "record" Teleword because it has information in the signal for Tivo's own purposes. After the recording is done and the information extracted it is removed from the system. This should only happen in the middle of the night an not interfere with any of your currently scheduled recordings.
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    @argusx-You only need to post once here.
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    I have never seen anyone reply that recording teleworld was a glitch. Way to spread yet more nonsense over multiple forums
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    The Teleworld recordings are how the TiVo box gets the "gold star" video content. A whole lot more efficient than doing a network download to each and every TiVo. It is put in a reserved area on the disk and does not effect how much you can store. And any recordings you schedule for that time will take precedence over the Teleworld stuff. At one time (but no longer), they even distributed guide information using the Teleworld recordings, using a weird encoding of the video signal (it just looked like static).

    BTW, "Teleworld" is the original name of TiVo.
  6. scandia101

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    MN, greater...
    Huh? More wrong information.
    The teleworld recordings are where the video for the yellow star ads and showcases come from. Click on any yellow ad or on a showcase to see the video. There is no information extracted, they stopped using that method many years ago.
  7. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Well, there is information *somewhere* about how to chop the single video into different segments. (may be via the daily call though.)

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