Tivo recording reruns as "new"

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by leepoffaith, May 3, 2014.

  1. leepoffaith

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    Apr 21, 2014
    Tampa, FL


    I'm brand new to Tivo and I did try searching for these, but I couldn't easily find anything.

    My Tivo Roamio Plus is recording a bunch of rerun episodes of shows on my season pass even though I have them marked as "new only" in season pass. Is there anyway to fix this?

    I'm still on the 20.3.8 so if it was in this new update I don't have that yet.

    Also, just a quick question, does anyone know what might causing the audio to cut out for just a split second when hitting the Tivo button? When I hit the guide button everything is fluid and the TV picture minimizes in the upper right, but when I hit the Tivo button the sound will cut out for a second and then come back in with the tv picture in the upper right. It's not a huge deal, just more of an annoyance. Thanks!
  2. 59er

    59er TiVotee

    Mar 27, 2008
    New York, NY
    Are the rerun episodes tagged with the correct episode number and description, or are they labeled generically?
  3. WhiskeyTango

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    Sep 20, 2006
    New Jersey
    How new is your Tivo? The Tivo will record shows as new if it has aired in the past 28 days and has not been previously recorded. Once you get past that point, things will operate as you want them too. It's also possible that the show has generic guide data in which case the Tivo errs on the side of caution and considers them new.
  4. leepoffaith

    leepoffaith Member

    Apr 21, 2014
    Tampa, FL
    Ohhh ok, so if it hasn't recorded it once already as new, then it records it. Gotcha. So, it should probably stop for the most part within a week or so and then 100% in a month.

    My Tivo is brand spankin' new, today is day #3. :)
  5. BigJimOutlaw

    BigJimOutlaw Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2004


    Yes exactly, once it's past that initial hump it'll work as you'd expect. :)

    If it's a little annoying, you can check the To-Do list and cancel individual recordings that you know you've seen.

    With the audio cut-out, I think we're all experiencing that. It's a slightly inelegant transition that's a tiny relic of older Tivo software code.
  6. leepoffaith

    leepoffaith Member

    Apr 21, 2014
    Tampa, FL
    As long as the recording fixes itself within the month I can just deal with deleting what isn't "new."

    The audio cut out isn't a huge deal, but it's just an annoyance. In general I'm VERY happy with the Roamio and the Minis. There are little things here or there, but overall the system operates great. I am also having to get used to the new remote. Having the direcitonal pad at the top instead of the middle takes a little getting used to. Sometimes I push ff or play when I mean to hit up or right. :)
  7. Jonathan_S

    Jonathan_S Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2001
    You'd think, after years of people having to ask (and because it gives a poor initial impression of the TiVo) that they'd have fixed this little quirk by now.

    It shouldn't take that much coding to implement. I understand that this special code would get used only a handful of times in a TiVo boxes life (initial setup and, potentially, when you did a C&D everything and new setup). But first impressions are important, and a first impression that 'First Run' doesn't work isn't a good one.

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