TiVo Program Guide Data Upgrade

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by TiVoSupport_Sarah, Aug 26, 2016.

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    jkeegan Active Member

    Oct 16, 2000


    I skimmed through most of this thread and didn't see my problem.

    All of my channels are black screens. If I hit live TV, I can't see anything (just a black screen).

    I called Comcast and they're sending out a technician for no reason tomorrow.

    It's clearly this update. They tried repairing the cable card and said that everything looked fine on their end.

    I have three messages on my TiVo:

    8/30 TiVo Service Upgrade ("Over the next 24 hours, you may...")
    9/1 Show Info Has Run Out (M60) ("The TiVo box has no information about upcoming TV shows & movies. Please connect to the TiVo Service now. ...")

    Then I connected to the TiVo service, then got:

    9/1 A lineup change has occurred

    It listed all of my channels as deleted, then all readded with different names.

    Now if I go to Live TV I see a black screen with a blue TiVo alert box that says "Searching for a signal on this channel. (v52) Press SELECT for help."

    (On every channel).

    Please help.
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    jkeegan Active Member

    Oct 16, 2000
    (my software version is 20.6.1a.RC10-USA-6-840 )

    This is a RoamioPro
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    Cheezmo Active Member

    Apr 26, 2004
    Plano, TX
    Check in system info that your cable company/lineup is still correct. If it isn't your Comcast, repeat guided setup and choose the right one.

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    jkeegan Active Member

    Oct 16, 2000
    It shows as "Comcast Methuen Standard Cable *" (with the asterisk at the end, just like all of the descriptions, so I must have the new guide data btw). I'm in Methuen, and I use Comcast. I'm not sure if it's Standard Cable or more. I guess I'll try guided setup. Ugh.
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    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ


    You should probably change that to, by repeating Guided set-up.
    Comcast (Methuen) (Digital (non-rebuild))

    EDIT: I just checked mine, I swore mine was "Digital Cable" but mine also says "Standard Cable"
    Under the old Gracenote data it was "Digital Cable"
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    jkeegan Active Member

    Oct 16, 2000
    Nope, repeating guided setup didn't help at all.

    By the way I'm in zip code 01844.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Roderigo New Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    Brookdale, CA
    If you're not able to tune for Cable, no way it's the update to Rovi data that did it. The cablecard provides the tuning data, and it doesn't matter one iota what the guide data says. Of course, if the guide data's wrong, you'll be in sorts of hurt, and the video may not match the guide data. BUT, you should always be able to tune to the channels as per your cable companies lineup.

    So, sounds like an unfortunate coincidence.
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    jkeegan Active Member

    Oct 16, 2000
    That's one hell of a coincidence.. The TiVo works for like a solid year, then right after an unprecedented announcement that warns about a loss of service, and another that deleted and readded all my channels, it stops - when it had been working last night?

    (Jeff goes to check something)

    Ok so I found a TiVo suggestion that recorded on 8/27 (Saturday), but one on 8/28 (Sunday) recorded around 1am that had some weird recording artifacts.. and that's the most recent successful recording I think I'm able to find.. Hmm..
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    Nickipedia Nick of Time

    Jul 18, 2015
    I had a somewhat similar experience on Charter, but only with a few specific channels. After the switch my provider is now Charter Communications Sanford Standard Cable*. Other than a few channels being mislabeled things are mostly okay (the same of which cannot be said for either of my OTAs'.)

    Under the Sanford provider info channel 10 now lists as WWTV out of Cadillac. While this is correct for Sanford, which is about 25 miles away, the Charter local broadcast market demarcation line is between Sanford and Bay City/Saginaw. When tuned to channel 10 the message "Channel not provided by the tuning adapter" is displayed. There are a few channels with this problem. In my case it seems that the guide info is incorrect because of geographic reasons (the guide data is for channels in a system 25 miles away in a different broadcast market) as the frequency the TA is attempting to tune is not available in my area. If you tune to channel 10 on a Charter DCT channel 10 comes in correctly. This is only an issue with local channels.

    Unfortunately this is the only Charter option in Guided Setup for 48706. I sent a request via the Lineup Update. Interestingly enough, the "I do not see my cable provider listed during Guided Setup" link on the lineup page is broken. I may try a different ZIP code under guided setup and see if i eventually get a different provider option.

    My OTAs' are another story. My favorite part is 4 of my channels have been remapped from their correct PSIP 19 to their pre-DTV transition PSIP 35. In the lineup change message it was nice enough to inform me that it Moved 19-1 to 35-1. When you tune to 35-1 the "No Signal" message appears. Currently the only way to view that channel is through the actual channel 15-3 which of course has no guide data. I laughed when the channel that's been gone for years suddenly reappeared.

    Whatever happened to the days when all we had to do was set the clock on the VCR?
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    Bad_Haggis New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
    So after 3 days of restarts and connecting for updates my guide is working again except for two channels.

    7-1 WBBJABC and 7-3 WBBJCBS

    They still have no guide information.

    Before the update those channels were listed as 7-1 WBBJDT and 7-3 WBBJDT3

    Could you guys please fix these two channels as they are 2/3 of the major networks I receive on my antenna and I am missing my shows because the TiVo won't record them because there is no guide information.
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    ss-stingray Sony DHG refugee

    Aug 24, 2013
    I have lost most of my guide. The problem is my zip code is between 2 markets. I need Tampa Fla and Ft Myers. I had this problem years ago and Tivo added my zip to Tampa which solved the problem. I'm over air and need both since I record from both. I have tried calling for help but the csr's tell me to try nearby zips. Why is this so hard to get fixed ?
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    Chris Blount

    Chris Blount Member

    Nov 1, 2003
    San Antonio, TX
    My Bolt and Roamio OTA received the new guide last night. Not a smooth transition. About 30% of my OnePasses became non-functional and would not record. They showed the correct channels but future recordings were not being schedule. I ended up deleting those OnePasses and re-entering them. After that, everything was fine. I also have channels I could tune to before but now I'm getting an error saying that TiVo cannot tune to them.
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    V7Goose OTA ONLY and Loving It!

    May 28, 2005
    New Mexico...
    Yeah, this really should not be hard for them to fix for you, since they clearly do not have a problem including lots of "other channels" that are completely bogus for some rural zip codes - they should happily add the channels from your neighboring community to your lineup.

    Here in southern New Mexico the various communities are separated often by hundreds of miles and mountain ranges that totally block signals - my specific area has only 11 currently broadcasting channels and ZERO overlap with any other area, but the channel lineup they use for my zip codes includes translators from the entire STATE, over 200 channels!!! It took me over a week working through Sarah here and the official lineup problem reports to get them to make necessary changes so that I could even receive the 11 REAL channels.

    But my point is, if they insist on stuffing 200 bogus channels into our rural lineups out here, then there should be no problem at all to help you by including your regional communities where you actually DO have a signal overlap.

    Here is a suggestion you can try - go to your Settings, where the channel list is located, and try to run a new FULL channel scan (not a new guided setup, just a new FULL channel scan). In some cases during my testing, that was able to find and add real local broadcasting channels to my channel list, and they SOMETIMES worked! But CAUTION - the reason I said "sometimes worked" is that some lineup changes they made during this testing caused my bolt to add all those new "missing" channels to the list as EXACT duplicates of other BOGUS channels that were already there. The problem with that is the duplicates were impossible to select by themselves, and therefore could not be received.

    Your best solution is probably to go to https://www.tivo.com/lineup.html and try to fill out their official form specifying exactly which channels you find missing. It may take them a while to fix it, but they do work those problems reported there. They eventually fixed mine. By adding the missing channels with REAL translator call signs as the name, it prevented the channel scan from adding the duplicates that were blocking my ability to tune them in.
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    sharkster Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Jul 3, 2004
    Wow! I sure hope all the problems get worked out. Some people really got the shaft. :(

    Mine is almost ironed out, except a couple of channels that changed a bit and the guide info doesn't match the programming.

    Also, all the 'Skip' seems to be gone on my Bolt. But I have a service connection coming up in about half an hour this morning, so I hope that the skip comes back and that some of the channels with missing info get straightened out.

    The channels that have mismatched guide info - I figured that was on Charter. But it's kind of weird that all this guide update stuff happened simultaneously with some changes in channel info.
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    derangedm New Member

    Apr 24, 2006
    Eastern NC
    I have a fun one to share. My Roamio took the upgrade early this week and now none of the guide data is correct, not even one channel matches up correctly. Did a little research and apparently the guide data I'm getting is for somewhere in Mississippi, I live in North Carolina. The provider is labeled correctly but the channel list is totally hosed up. Looked at tv.com and the same issue exists there. Submitted a ticket to Tivo support back on Monday and haven't heard a peep. Pretty frustrated at this point. :(
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    stannenb New Member

    Nov 28, 2006
    I have the new guide data and (fortunately) I have a much more mundane problem than others.

    I like year-of-release movie wishlists, so I can scan upcoming movies for new releases that I want to record. You could enter, say, "2015" as a keyword, select program type moves, and you'd have it.

    Since the new guide data, the year of release doesn't work as a keyword. I've tried recreating the wishlist, and that doesn't help.

    Any suggestions on how I can get this functionality back?
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    jkeegan Active Member

    Oct 16, 2000
    False alarm, everyone please ignore my post.

    There's a powered splitter in the basement and the outlet it was plugged into tripped a in-outlet breaker because of some power spike or something. Video is back and perfect, of course. Carry on.
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    UCLABB Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2012
    Riverside, CA
    LOL. I guess coincidences do happen.
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    LimerT New Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    Wichita, KS
    It's a mixed bag on OTA channels in Wichita, KS 67208. Not too bad but..

    The local PBS channels are off:

    8-1 KPTSDT Frequency 8 - Doesn't work
    Should be:
    8-1 KPTS-HD Frequency 17

    8-2 KPTSDT2 Frequency 8 - Doesn't work
    Should be:
    8-2 Explore Frequency 17

    8-3 KPTSDT3 Frequency 8 - Doesn't work
    Should be:
    8-3 Create Frequency 17
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    brahmus New Member

    Jun 17, 2013
    I use OTA only in Ashland, OR 97520. The following channels were deleted from my lineup. I can re-add them using channel scan, but they have no guide data. Onepasses that use these channels were switched to channels that I do not receive so they are not recording and I can't reset the correct channels because they are not in the guide. I've "connected to the tivo service" a dozen times, rebooted, and rerun guided setup with no success.

    5-1 (frequency 32) KOBI-HD NBC
    5-2 (frequency 32) THIS-TV
    8-1 (frequency 42) SOPTVHD PBS
    8-2 (frequency 42) WORLD
    8-3 (frequency 42) CREATE
    12-1 (frequency 21) KDRV-HD ABC

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