Tivo Premiere XL Rebooting Comcast Extended Channel Lineup

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jxb7, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. jxb7

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    Dec 18, 2011
    I've had a Tivo Premiere XL for over a year with no issues via a Comcast CableCard. Starting on Friday noticed that it started rebooting by itself. Coincidentally noticed that our Comcast set up box had issues with On Demand the same day and had to power it down and back up to get it working.

    Tivo now seems to be rebooting every 5 to 15 minutes. I've tried various things including disconnecting all cables except HDMI input to the TV , but through stepwise trial and error seems oddly enough to be related to having an extended cable channel lineup vs. basic cable channel lineup. I'm able to view all channels through basic channel lineup through the CableCard without reboots occurring, but has the annoying side effect of no scheduling information for channels not in the basic channel lineup. And unit even seems to exhibit this behavior with extended lineup with the CableCard unplugged.

    Contacted Tivo and Comcast support and gave the background on this and worked through various Tivo and CableCard checks but with no luck. At this point looking at getting a replacement Tivo warranty unit, but trying to rule out any possible configuration issue. Just seems odd that extended vs. basic cable channel lineup seems to cause reboots to occur (with or without the CableCard plugged in). I guess it could be failing hardware, but figured I'd check anyways. Also wondering if something possibly changed with Comcast (asked the Comcast rep and indicated what had happened with our setup box for On Demand on the same day), but no luck there.

    Has anyone seen anything similar in behavior and anything else to check? Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. BurnBaby

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Did you figure this problem out? I also have Comcast and have had the rebooting problem happening. There is definitely also a Comcast signal issue happening in my case. There are also some other things happening with the Tivo, including the video freezing intermittently. Comcast is coming to check the signal this weekend. I found this old thread about Tivos rebooting, but don't have time to get through all 30 plus pages:

  3. MrMac1958

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    Dec 27, 2001
  4. jxb7

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    Dec 18, 2011
    MrMac1958, thank you for the information regarding the update. Was good to see that other owners were experiencing the same thing. And considering that the update seemed to have started rolling out on Wednesday 12/14 and my reboot issues started the following morning.

    My Tivo seems to be stable now (as of last Thursday knock on wood). I called back Tivo support and passed along this information and ended up returning my replacement unit they had sent. The rep confirmed that they had been sent an alert/memo of the update going out that day, but unfortunately the reps I had spoken to and given the date hadn't made that connection. So much appreciated for the info especially since it saved me from exercising my warranty. I potentially would have replaced a working unit.

    BurnBaby, hope that you've resolved your issues. Don't know if you experienced the same thing or if you're experiencing Comcast signaling issues as well.

    Thanks again.


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