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    Apr 5, 2011


    I'm in Downtown Los Angeles. Long story short, I'm on my 3rd TiVO Premiere box. I've been trying to get this to work since December of 2010. I periodically give up, then when I have the energy I try again. I buy an new TiVO and give it a shot, the problem is always the same. The card validates, as I understand it, only under Conditional Access VAL is always "?".

    This attempt I'm up to 6 truck rolls, that doesn't count all the previous truck rolls and previous TiVOs. All together we're up to 9 brand new cable cards. I've had TiVO support talking with Time Warner. No go.

    Saturday the Time Warner guy was here for 5 hours.

    Today he came back and took my TiVO elsewhere to attempt to "stage" it there. Still no go.

    Personally I'm feeling like there should be a very large DISCLAIMER PASTED ALL OVER THE TIVO BOX THAT SAYS, "CABLE CARD IS A 50/50 PROPOSITION. YOU MIGHT GET IT TO WORK, YOU MIGHT NOT." As I've gone through forums I see there is nothing unusual about cable cards not working with TiVOs.

    Then I came across this post by user LosAngelesSports:
    "...I just moved to Downtown LA, and the neighborhood is served by Time Warner....I have been here at the new place for two weeks now, and the techs have been here about every day. We have tried numerous cards. The problem everytime is that the card and tivo wont pair. In the conditional access screen, the Val is always ?. At one point, they had two supervisors, two managers and maintenance here at the building at the same time. All the levels to the building as well as to my floor are fine. I get the signal on my other tv with no tivo.

    I called tivo and they said that the cable company needs to send a separate pairing and authorization hit. I even went and bought a premiere, and the same thing is happening with that one, so im sure its a time warner issue. I even let the tech take my tivos to their wherehouse and try connecting there and still no luck.

    LosAngelesSports goes on to say that the problem turned out to be a "Head End" Problem. The Time Warner people that come keep muttering "Head End" problem but nothing has been done to address this yet. Does anyone have any advice on how to get "Head End" support?

    I attempted to contact LosAngelesSports directly but was denied until I'd done enough posts. LosAngelesSports, if you're reading this, any info would be greatly appreciated. Any info from anyone (other than pointing me to the TiVO support pages on cable cards) would be seriously appreciated.

    Thanks for your time
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    Nov 27, 2007
    I just moved to Dayton area and had issues getting my cablecard paired too. Turns out the cable cards need to be "staged" by the TWC warehouse & inventory folks, and those "staging" events are good for 30 days. After that, the warehouse and inventory folks need to restage them. The pair cannot be done without the local TWC folks doing this. The TWC folks that the tech people called "level 3" seemed to know this and walked them through what needed to be done. so my tech left and another came back the next day and all went fine.

    hope that helps!
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    Print a copy of your post and send it on actual paper via snail mail to the office of the CEO of Time Wanker.

    Clearly incompetent bozos are not going to fix this, but if they get a phone call from New York I think somebody will find a competent technician.

    I live in Palm Springs, and we have Time Wanker as our CATV operator but I had none of this trouble. The only nod they were able to make in favor of bumbling incompetence in my case was to send a guy with no tuning adapters after I explicitly told them they would need two tuning adapters, one for my TiVo HD and one for my TiVo Premiere XL. The tech did have cablecards, and once I showed him how to slide them into the openings he was able to handle that.
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    Sep 3, 2004
    I was having trouble with one of my Tivo HDs, so I ordered a Tivo Premiere from Tivo to replace it. When it arrived I examined it and noticed there is only one slot for a cablecard. Of the two Tivo Hds I started with, the good one had one multistream card installed and the "bad" one had two single streams. I called Time Warner and asked if I could just take the two single streams in to the office and exchange it for the one multistream I need for my new Premiere. I was told, no problem, which I knew was BS because when I set these HDs up three years ago they didn't trust the offices to stock the cablecards. I had to endure two truck rolls and two techs making two trips to finally get them set up. But the customer support person gave me multiple assurances that I could get the card I needed at the office.

    Being a good natured sort I went to the office with the two cards and was told, of course, that neither they nor any other office stocks the cards. I was given an appointment for a tech to come on Sunday morning (this was Friday). On Sunday the tech came with an M-card. He told me he hadn't done a cablecard installation in at least a year. To make a long story shorter, after an hour and a half he wasn't able to get the card to work in the Premiere. He promised to go to the warehouse and get a fresh card (the two he was trying had been on his truck for a year unused) and come back Monday.

    Today is Monday. The tech came with a new card straight from the warehouse. I made the mistake of telling him I had two tuning adapters in my garage. TWC sent them to me after writing me in December that at some point they were going to move some channels and the only way I'd be able to get those channels would be by using the adapter. But not wanting another box and wall wart hanging off my system and not missing any programming I cared about, I just put them into the garage for the day I might actually need them. The tech insisted that the Premiere needed the tuning adapter, and installed it onto the new Premiere, along with the fresh card. He also changed the coax cable.

    The directions that came with the tuning adapter said it could take up to an hour before it was ready, so he left and asked me to call him if I had any further trouble. After an hour I checked, and I could get network channels in both SD and HD (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX), pretty much the stations between channels 2 and 13. But nothing else. After I got in touch with him again, he said there was a person in the office he had worked with before and seemed to know what the problem might be...a "code problem", or whatever...and to let them see (remotely) what they could do.

    Bottom line, I am just about ready to dump TWC AND this Tivo Premiere. Throughout this ordeal, the Tivo HD that had the original M-card is working fine, just as before. Unfortunately I can't get Verizon FIOS where I live but after I hit Submit Reply here I'm going over to the U-Verse forum to see if there is something there I can use. As life goes on, TV or no TV, my next tech appointment isn't until Thursday, by which time I will have missed a good chunk of the NBA playoffs. Thanks, Time Warner.
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    If you enjoy HD-lite, enjoy U-Verse.

    Even if you ditch Time Warner, you might want to keep the TiVo Premiere or get a digital TV tuner for your computer so you can get the major over the air HDTV stations with decent picture quality. U-Verse just isn't that great.

    That said, LA is one of the best over the air TV markets in the country. Check www.tvfool.com for reception at your address. Then again, you might want to try to get in touch with a competent technician at Time Warner to try to sort out the Cablecard issue.

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