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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by teachastro, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Jul 31, 2011


    I apologize if this is answered in another thread, I searched but couldn't find an answer.

    So I had an old Standard def tv with an old series 2 DT Tivo set. We just got a new HDTV and have been subscribers to Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable, including On-Demand. I wanted to upgrade my tivo to the new Premiere, but I heard people say using tivo eliminates the ability to use On Demand. I then saw an ad saying tivo premiere allows you to use the on Demand Service. Excited, I tried to look more into it. All I can find, however, is that Comcast will give you a box with the tivo interface... not really what I was looking forward. I was wondering if someone can clarify this for me once and for all. If I buy a new Tivo Premiere and (I get the necessary Comcast M-card) connect it to my HDTV, will I, in any way, be able to access Xfinity On-Demand? Thanks for your help!
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    Comcast and Tivo have announced recently that they will incorporate On Demand in the Premiere. They did not give a date as to when that will happen.

    In 2005, Comcast and Tivo announced a ComcastTivo. The box was released in one test market in 2008 and it is now a dead product.

    Just want to give you some history so you don't have any expectations that anything is going to happen anytime soon.
  3. teachastro

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    Jul 31, 2011
    Yea, I found that info out (on this forum actually) which increased my confusion about the whole thing. I'm really finding myself kinda stuck. We just got a new HDTV (our old standard def just died) connected with a SD comcast box and old tivo series 2 dual tuner. I swapped the tv so I still have the sd cable box and old tivo and can't seem to find an easy way of watching HD, keeping a tivo, and accessing On Demand, which I use rather frequently.
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    Of course you fail to mention the Premiere is already available with VOD from other providers such as RCN, whereas the old ComcasTiVo was a one off effort.
  5. WhiskeyTango

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    You could get a Premiere and an HD cable box and hook them up to different inputs on the tv. When you want to use On Demand, just switch to the cable box input. When OD is enabled on the Premiere, just return the cable box.

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