TiVo Premiere OTA picky about signal strength?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by mahohmei, Jul 8, 2020.

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    We have a TiVo Premiere, and are now determined to get rid of Comcast cable TV. I put a Yagi antenna and ChannelMaster CM-7778 16 dB preamplifier in the attic, and the ATSC signal comes in clear and solid on TV straight from the preamplifier, and I was able to get it to both TVs' inputs by going through a ChannelMaster +8 dB 4-way distribution amplifier. Good stuff.

    Here's where the fun comes in: getting the TiVo Premiere to recognize all 5 channel groupings (6, 11, 27, 40, and 49) here in Tallahassee, FL. Here's what I've tried:

    - Antenna preamplifier straight into TiVo: 40 and 49 won't come in at all.
    - ChannelMaster+8 dB 4-way distribution amplifier: TiVo won't pick up a thing since all the channels are overdriven.
    - RadioShack 4-way distribution amplifier with adjustable gain: too strong or too weak no matter how much I fiddle with the gain dial. I pulled this amp out of storage as an experiment; I got it years ago because of a weak Comcast signal, and replaced it with the above ChannelMaster because of RadioShack's, er, quality issues.

    What should I do from here? Are there adjustable-gain preamplifiers that are higher-quality than RadioShack? Should I get a bunch of 3 dB attenuators and put them on the TiVo's input until it's happy? Help!

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    this will sound funny but yes it works we did it in the field when we didnt have old style analog meter, get or borrow a old style portable walkman mini tv with antenna and use it like a gieger counter style while tuned into channels 4,5,8,21,33, or abc,nbc,cbs,ect it will give you a visual refrence for your channels and how you have to position the antenna direction ect get a signal and yes they make digital converter downgrades for them or borrow a satilite techs super sat buddy withconvertyer will do the same thing its well worth it and if possiable get your neighbors to share the cost if any so that you all know where to point your antenna. good luck...

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