TiVo Premiere Music Streaming App: Visualizations?

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  1. Naugahide

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    Jan 24, 2008

    I currently own Tivo HD and am wondering if they have improved the streaming music app on TiVo Premiere.

    The TiVo HD app works fine, but while songs are playing, the only thing you see on your TV is the bouncing box containing the info for the track currently playing.

    Now that Premiere has the Flash-based interface, did they do anything with the streaming music app? Something along the lines of having some visualizations playing along with the music like you can get in most music apps, please? Meaning some sort of cool visual effects on the HDTV, ya know..

    If not, can anyone suggest a product that is appliance based (i.e. not on a PC) that can hook up to a HDTV and stream music from my network and put something interesting to look at on the HDTV? I see some networked BluRay players and some networked A/V receivers can stream music but I don't know what if any visualizations they provide.
  2. wmcbrine

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    Aug 2, 2003
    There has been no change in this area. However, you aren't limited to the built-in player. Several third-party, HME-based music player apps are available (and they'll work on the HD as well as the Premiere). You don't need a whole new device.

    Options I'm aware of include Harmonium, Audio Faucet, and Galleon.
  3. Naugahide

    Naugahide Nauganut!

    Jan 24, 2008
    Thanks, this is the info I was looking for.

    I will try to dig up the software and get it to run.

    I did some HME stuff once and I used an HME server on the net. Is it hard to set one up on one of my own computers?

    Thanks again!

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