TiVo Premiere FAQ: Overview, What's New?

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    Check here for the version.

    Tivo Customer Support Community

    TiVo Software Version 20.7.4. RC42 is compatible with the following:
    • TiVo BOLT Series (except for TiVo BOLT OTA)
    • TiVo Roamio Series
    • TiVo Premiere Series
    • TiVo Mini Series

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    The Premieres aren’t eligible for TE4, but did receive SkipMode capability (but not QuickMode).

    Per this Slide Pro page, Premieres are compatible with the USB RF (RF4CE) dongle, so the Slide Pro or standard TiVo RF Remote should be usable with a Premiere having the USB RF dongle installed. (Just not the VOX Remote and its associated Bluetooth[BLE] USB dongle.) Premieres should also work with the original Slide (not Pro) remote and its Bluetooth USB dongle.

    See also: Premiere support for RF remote?
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