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    TiVo Premiere 4 Topic: Troubles Since Update :

    Ever since the most recent update my TIVO has been stuttering and I just lost a recording which would play the first nine minutes and then freeze and the system would reboot, If I jumped past the thirty minute mark I could play the rest of the hour long show. Right now it seems to only be affecting this one show, there may be others as I could not check all programs recorded since the update on 02/17/2016. The hidden command / hint on how to run a non-destructive hard drive check-disc, which use to work on this DVR as I used it when I first purchased it about two years ago then again about a year ago, will not active the process since the update that removed the "History Walking Tivo Man". How can an end user run a local check-disc on a TiVo Premiere 4 after all the updates over the past year?

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    If you're talking about KickStart 54, which deals with the physical hard drive, as opposed to the other KS'es, which deal with the software on the drive, then it's better to open up the TiVo and take the drive out and test it with the drive maker's own diagnostic software long test.

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