TIVO Online not seeing one of two TIVO boxes

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ralphedel, Feb 18, 2020.

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    I have always been able to see and program all my channels on both my LR and FR Tivo boxes from my desktop. For the past week I have only been able to do that on LR box, not the FR one. I called TIVO and they had me reset the FR box to allow "remote control." For some reason, that had been turned to "Do Not Allow Remote Control." Reconnected to TIVO and then expected problem to be solved. NO. Same thing when I signed back into TIVO Online. Tech told me others have had this problem and they are working on a fix. Anyone found any solution? Also, I had a lot of distortion when talking with the tech. Don't think it is my phone. Am I the only one experiencing this?? THX
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    I have four on-line TiVo boxes. One Premiere, one TE4 Roamio and two TE3 Roamio units. All have that option set to Do Not Allow for a few years. I use Online all the time including today. I know that option does affect transfers, but not between TiVo units and not from Online or Desktop. BTW, the file sharing box does work to stop file transfers with a TiVo. It needs a restart to take effect. Then your TTG changes to i,a,i,a like a Mini. The File Transfer box doesn't affect anything. It was used to allow download of Amazon programs four or five years ago.

    Don't listen to TiVo. Online doesn't display the TiVo+ channels.

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