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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by pop98, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I turn my tv on in the am and check to make sure tivo is showing current show and time. Later in afternoon when I return home, I noticed that it is not showing what is current, that it is showing the last 30 min. of previous show. How did tivo get 30 min behind. This has happened several times although it may have been more or less than 30 min. I have the Tivo HD.
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    If you hit pause in the morning on live TV, when the buffer filles it will start playing from the beginning of the buffer and will stay 30 minutes behind.

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    There have been several similar reports made here before.

    Do you use HDMI to connect your Tivo to the TV?
    HDMI allows devices to communicate. For example, A TV may have a feature that when turned off, it sends a "pause" command to a connected device. This makes sense for a Blu-ray/DVD player, but not a Tivo.

    Or it could just be a simple "handshaking" issue that you have to live with unless you switch to using component cables.

    If you're not using HDMI, then it could be low batteries in the remote, you leave the remotes out with children/pets around, have a spare remote between the cushions of your couch/other stray remote signals, etc.
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    Please realize that however it happens, the show has just been effectively rewound(or paused) for 30 minutes.

    You can just "fast forward" to catch up to real time. If you hit "FF", then the ">"(right arrow key), it will immediately jump forward to real time. Or if you press the "live tv" button to change to the other tuner, then press live vt again to change back, the buffer will have jumped to real time.

    Really a non issue once you understand what has happened.

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