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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by tmaxjd, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. tmaxjd

    tmaxjd New Member

    Apr 6, 2010


    Potential newbie to TiVO. Asking the experts here to help with the final decision to move to TiVO.
    I currently am an Atlantic Broadband cable subscriber. For just the 2 HD DVR boxes we have, we are paying them $57 per month (after taxes). Crazy - that's why we want to move. This monthly fee includes: the 2 boxes, the HD upgrade on both boxes, and the DVR service to both boxes.

    I'm trying to determine if going the TiVO route makes sense. Here's where I need help:
    1. Will the entire $57 charge to Atlantic BB go away if I go to TiVO?
    2. Will any additional fees be added by Atlantic BB for the cards?
    3. If we go to 2 TiVO boxes (to replace the current 2 boxes), which model & service plan make the most sense?
    4. I've heard some horror stories with having TiVO on Atlantic BB, including not being able to access VOD. Have these issues been mostly resolved?

    Thank you very much!
  2. BigJimOutlaw

    BigJimOutlaw Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    You're being charged almost $60/mo just for the boxes alone? Weird.

    1. Not sure. Some fees may be part of the service. Some fees may be tied to the boxes. Fees tied to the boxes may go away, but fees tied to the service could remain. Basically only they could answer that question. Ask them what your final bill would be if you rented 2 cablecards instead.

    2. Cablecard rental fees vary but are generally cheap, between free and $4/mo each for the cards. You may need to ask them what your final bill would be to see what fees, if any, they tack on.

    3. As a newbie, it might make sense to just get one $150 Tivo Premiere with $15/mo service to start out with. Or there's a 4-tuner model for $250 if that sounds attractive. See how it goes first. Return it within 30 days if you don't like it. Get another if you do. ;)

    4. Tivo can't access VOD unless there is a deal between them. In the case of ABB, there's no VOD access. But Premiere boxes have Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming support built in, if you're a subscriber to either of those.
  3. jrtroo

    jrtroo Chill- its just TV

    Feb 4, 2008
    4. What horror stories?

    Cablecards have become much easier to install than in the past, you can do that without a truck roll.

    VOD is as noted above, but Amazon on-demand (NOT Amazon prime) was not mentioned. Many find that a Tivo dvr minimizes the need for a cable-co VOD service, and that Netflix/Hulu/Amazon offerings fill any other gaps.
  4. tmaxjd

    tmaxjd New Member

    Apr 6, 2010
    Jim - Thanks for the response.
    Regarding the fees, the common charges in my apt building cover for basic fees. So we only pay for "add-ons" which include HD, DVR, etc.

    My current ABB fees break down as follows:
    - $9.95 for a second box
    - $6 for each box to be an HD box
    - $15 for each box to be able to do DVR
    Totals $52 plus $5 in taxes.

    As per your suggestion, if we remove 1 box and replace with the Premiere for $150 plus $15, ABB costs are reduced by $31 per month. Tivo adds $15 for a net savings of $16 per month. Hence, the box is paid for within a year.

    Appreciate the analysis and advice!
  5. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001


    If you get lifetime on your Tivos, you pay more up front, but *most likely*, you save money long term.. and they likely will have resale value.

    I only add the caveats because who knows, some new form of TV distribution COULD come out, and your Tivos *could* die out of warranty.. I've had one that died after ~4 years, and I still would only do lifetime.
  6. dsnotgood

    dsnotgood Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    Get 2 cable cards, get 2 premieres, get 2 lifetime service plans for no service fees. And save tons of money after a year or so. 60$ for 2 boxes is insane.

    As for cost...
    Lifetime is 499 for first box and 399 for additional boxes. The premieres are 150 each from TiVo.

    So total cost would be 499+399+150+150= 1200.

    At the rate of paying 60/month...after 20 months you break even and then start saving $60/ month. Not bad. No vod but you can stream Netflix pus your experience is 1000x better and cheaper in the long run.
  7. dsnotgood

    dsnotgood Member

    Aug 25, 2010
  8. NotNowChief

    NotNowChief Addicted to TiVo

    Mar 29, 2012
    New York...
    Or, get a Premiere 4 (75HD) or XL4 (300HD), then be patient and get the Tivo Mini when it comes out soon enough so you're only paying for one subscription and one cable card.

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