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    Is there a way to set up multiple Tivos so that someone can watch a show that was recorded on Tivo #1 on a TV hooked up to Tivo #2?
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    Yep, this is called multi-room viewing and multi-room streaming. As long as these Tivos are on the same account and on the same network, they can share content.

    *The one asterisk on this is that some cable companies copy-protect their channels. In this circumstance only Tivos capable of streaming will work (all of the "Premiere" family of Tivos are capable of doing this.)
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    See here:


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    There is a difference between transferring recordings and streaming recordings. As was mentioned, only Premieres and above can stream and that streaming works in spite of the copy protection on some channels. All Tivos, except S1 boxes, are capable of transferring recordings that are not copy protected. Once you begin the transfer, you can start watching the recording on the Tivo that is receiving it. Depending on you network speed and the age of the Tivo, you may be able to watch it in real time.

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