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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Newbie, Jun 5, 2011.

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    One hour into an instant netflix movie on tivo, the video paused and display the streaming sign. Then the screen flicker a few times and the Tivo reboooted.

    From reading the other posts on this forum I figure this is due to buggy netflix code on Tivo. But who is responsible for this code, Tivo or netflix? If Tivo is writing the code, does netflix pay them; otherwise what is the incentive for Tivo? And apparently netflix is not paying enough for tivo to test the code more thoroughly.

    Interesting when I go to netflix web site to try to file a complaint, it asked me which movie I was watching and displayed a queue of my instant movies except the one I was watching. That's bad customer service.

    So I thought perhaps I could continue the movie on xbox 360, except they want me to subscribe to xbox live for $60/year just to watch netflix which I already paid for.

    It seems netflix is overrated. Very poor experience with streaming. I guess I'll have to continue the movie on my computer. I hope it doesn't crash.
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    I posted a link to search results -- which apparently doesn't work, although it worked when I tested it immediately after posting it.

    Search parameters:
    Advanced Search
    Search term = "netflix"
    Search titles only
    Return threads not posts.

    It should be obvious from these search results that:
    1. Problems similar to the OP's have been reported by many posters ever since Netflix came to TiVo.
    2. No one has any magic bullet to solve such problems, although network performance, but not just download speed, are the prime suspect -- combined with TiVo software's lack of robust handling of such problems.

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