Tivo Mini won't stream certain channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by dohboie, May 26, 2017.

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    May 26, 2017


    So I've had maybe... 15? conversations with TiVo tech support about an issue I'm having with my minis, the latest of which ended in them assuring me that their engineers would have a solution in 3-5 days (which was three days ago). For the most part, channels stream fine - there's occasionally an issue in pixellation that probably has more to do with my service provider than the TiVo - but certain channels won't stream at all. The Bolt receives them perfectly - in fact, many of the channels that don't work on the minis actually have a higher signal strength than those that do - but when trying to change to the channel on the mini, it just locks up. The loading image comes on the screen, and the mini no longer accepts any input. The only way to even get the mini to work again is to completely power cycle the mini. After which, we still don't have the channels. ONE channel has a V53 error, which supposedly is a signal strength too high error ( it hits 80-90 instead of 75-85, so are they going off of a db rating somehow?), but the rest just lock up the Mini. I've set the three Minis up over my LAN, and, possibly unrelated, we're also experiencing some minor connection issues. Any solutions? Is the Tivo MultiRoomStreaming just taking too much out of my LAN? Will this fabled engineering solution help me? Anyone having similar experiences?
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    Your signal strength/Mini lockup symptoms don't sound familiar, to me. But I'd definitely want to eliminate any connection issues.

    How do you have the BOLT and Minis connected to your router? Can you elaborate on the connection issues?

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