TiVo mini wireless adapter and internet data useage

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    I’ve got xfinity internet which unfortunately has a monthly data cap I’m constantly bumping up on. I recently installed the new wireless adapter on my mini, and while it works great, I got to wondering if using it might start eating into my monthly data allowance.

    Researching how a mini connected to regular Ethernet worked, it looks like those didn’t actually use the internet, just the home network itself to communicate. I presume that’s the same with the wireless setup. I also presume this since nothing during the purchase or setup mentions anything about minimum internet speed—since all that matters is the home network it doesn’t matter what your internet speed is.

    Anyway, for peace of mind, can anyone confirm that the new wireless adapter is simply connecting my mini to my bolt over the home network, and I don’t have to worry about it affecting my internet data cap? Thanks!
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    All communication between the Mini and its host is internal. So it does not use the internet any more than any other Mini. Those pretty pictures aren't stored locally, so there will always be some traffic, however small.
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