Tivo Mini Voxs began stuttering audio on live TV (solved)

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    I am just sharing my experience from this morning in case others come across it.

    had a somewhat complex network setup that has worked for at least 3 months after instaling a new router and worked before that when we were using the combined Spectrum modem/router.

    Problem.. after a couple short power outtages... trying to play live TV from 3 tivo minis all showed the same result.. stuttering audio. Tests of playing internet streaming services through the mini, main tivo edge and Samsung TVs and TVs with Roku all worked fine.

    The netowrk layout was this...

    cabemodem -> new Asus router -> monoprice 10/100/1000 switch -> wall outlet to wire closet with netgear switch connecting to all the rooms.. each room has a single wall outlet with a switch to connect the TV, Soundbar, Mini separately.

    notice that I have not mentioned the main tivo edge.. which is in the same room with the cable modem and asus router.

    I had the tivo edge plugged directly into the router.

    This was all working fine since January.

    But now, while trying to solve this issue, we tried redoing the installs of the tivo mini.. and it could not connect to tivo edge.. it saw the tivo edge but it was red-Xd out as it couldn't be selected. We tried replacing various cables.. but it made things worse.

    SOLUTION: We took the cable from the Tivo Edge.. that was going directly to the router.. and plugged it into the monoprice switch... this fixed it. Cannot tell you why other than to say traffic between the mini and edge went from..

    mini -> local swtich -> netgear switch -> monoprice switch -> Asus router -> Tivo Edge


    mini -> local swtich -> netgear switch -> monoprice switch -> Tivo Edge

    **I can see why wifi6 may solve all of this.. a wifi connection might be..

    some future mini with wifi6 -> mesh wifi -> future tivo with wifi6

    **much more simple

    I suspect the Asus router.. (Asus ZenWiFi AX) was doing something to protect a certain kind of traffic through it... perhaps someting based on a reset off the power outtage.. because, as i said, it was working fine for months.

    I'd like to try it where the wall outlet(going to all the rooms) and the tivo edge are both plugged into the Asus router but I am remote to where this was happening (my brother's house) and I taxed him enough with suggestions as to what to try. I'll be back there for a visit in the next couple months.. maybe I'll try to isolate the issue... but its working now..

    PS: has whole-house power conditioning because it is in a lightning-happy state... Florida.
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