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    I recently purchased a new TiVo Mini Vox and had trouble getting it to connect to the Tivo Bolt. I had previously purchased three other TiVo Minis without issue connecting to the Bolt Host. I was able to solve the connection issue with this 4th Mini and wanted to share the problem/solution.

    My Tivo set-up is via Ethernet and I use a switch to connect all of my network devices, the switch is connected to a router. When setting up my fourth TiVo Mini, it could not find the Bolt host. Rebooting the Bolt & Mini and completing the needed software downloads did not solve the connection to Host problem (this is the TiVo recommended solution).

    The REAL problem was that the Mini Vox was getting confused by other traffic on my network and could not decide which device to connect to. In my case, I'm pretty sure the Mini was getting confused by my security camera NVR.

    Here is the solution to Connect Tivo Mini to Bolt Host when Mini cannot find the host:
    • DISCONNECT all of your ethernet connections from your router/switch.
    • Reboot your router/switch (unplug and plug back in)
    • CONNECT ONLY the Tivo Bolt and Tivo Mini to the router/switch (all other network devices remain unplugged)
    • Reboot the Tivo Bolt (do not proceed to next step until Bolt has established internet connection to Tivo)
    • Reboot the Tivo Mini and run the Tivo Mini set-up
    • Tivo Mini should find the Bolt Host (there is NOTHING else on your network at this point other than the Bolt & Mini)
    • Complete Tivo Mini setup until you are watching TV
    • Reconnect all of your other Ethernet network connections to your router/switch; the Bolt and Mini should continue to work even with the addition of new network traffic because the host has been found.

    Bonus - Static IP Address
    Once you have your Mini(s) and Bolt connected, strongly recommend you log into your router and establish a STATIC IP Address for ALL of your TiVo devices. This will help ensure that your Tivo Mini doesn't lose connection to the Bolt in the future when the IP address resets automatically inside the router (this happens every day or two; it's possible the Mini could lose connection to the Host again if the address changes). There should be instructions on your router from your cable provider for how to login to the router (Verizon FIOS Router access is via web browser: "Myfiosgateway.com"; username and password on the side of router, go to advanced, then click static IP address for each Tivo device - easy)

    MoCA users
    I am not using MoCA, but my solution might be worth trying if you are having trouble connecting your Mini to the Bolt via MoCA. Same procedure above. Disconnect all non-Tivo devices from your coax cables around your home. For good measure, unplug all of your Non-Tivo Ethernet devices, too. Connect only the Tivo Bolt, Mini and Cable input on you Coax and trying setting up. If the problem is network confusion, by eliminating all other network devices your Mini may find the Bolt host and connect.

    Good luck everyone.
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